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  1. Hi Everyone, I am the commish of a 24 team head to head points league. We had an owner inform us that he had some personal issues that came up that will not allow him to be active enough to continue to participate in the auction, and he resigned from his team so we could find an owner that could. We are looking for an owner to take over ASAP and pick up right where he left off. This year would be free to play as the previous owner has already paid (next season is $30-$40)!!!! We are in the middle of our Veteran player auction and our minor league player draft which we have paused. He has one of the best minors in the league, decent cap space remaining in the auction, and some great deals on team control contracts on his MLB roster. There is a lot of potential on this team. The league is a deep league meant to represent the transnational rules of MLB as closely as possible. It is a very cool concept. It has 30 player minors, variable salary cap, realistic team control and veteran contracts, qualifying offers, amateur draft in June, and a rule 5 draft in the offseason. What i am looking for: An owner that preferable has done slow style message board auctions/drafts and can hop very soon, We have 23 anxious owners ready to go. I am looking for someone who want to get in on this awesome league and plans on playing for years to come and someone who understands this is a deep league with a time commitment tied to it. Also we are on GroupMe for our league chat. Here is his current roster: C-Elias Diaz-$550,000 1B-Ryan O'Hearn-$550,000 2B-Jose Altuve-$23,200,000 SS-Jorge Polanco-$550,000 3B-Rafael Devers-$550,000 OF-Jesse Winker -$550,000 OF-Kole Calhoun-$2,300,000 OF-Gregory Polanco -$7,000,000 UTIL-Ketel Marte-$7,700,000 SP-Aaron Nola-$573,000 SP-Matthew Strahm-$550,000 SP-Daniel Mengden-$550,000 RP-Seranthony Dominguez-$550,000 RP-Drew Steckenrider-$550,000 RP-Keone Kela-$1,200,000 RP-Mark Melancon-$1,700,000 MINORS: Colton Welker 3B Brusdar Graterol SP Xavier Edwards SS Brayan Rocchio SS Tirso Ornelas OF D’Shawn Knowles OF Lucius Fox SS Joe Palumbo RP Alex Verdugo OF Cal Quantrill SP Calvin Mitchell OF Jordyn Adams OF Luis Garcia (WAS) 2B Wander Franco SS Kevin Alcantara OF Taylor Hearn SP Jose Suarez SP If you will take this team please email me at: hochunk5@yahoo.com I will get you the next steps to get set up and ready to play once you email me. Please let me know you are interested and a little about you. Thank you for looking everyone, hope to get our next great addition to the league soon!!!
  2. still need an ownethat is excited to get in on a deep league and a team with plenty of potential. I would like to get you signed up asap so you can get acclimated to the league this weekend. Please let me know if you want this team and can sign up right away: email me at hochunk5@yahoo.com thanks -JP
  3. still need a replacement. Get your foot in the door on one of the deepest most realistic leagues you will find!! hochunk5@yahoo.com
  4. Hello everyone, I am the commish of a 24 team h2h points dynasty league. It is league meant to mirror the real MLB transactional rules very closely. We had an owner drop out due to a personal issue that came up and it isn't going to allow him to be an active owner so he has decided to give up his team. This season would be free as the owner has already paid. Next season would be $30-$40 depending on which salary cap you choose to play under. I am looking for someone who would want to join with the goal of playing for many years to come. We are in the middle of a slow Auction on proboards for MLB players and a slow draft for Minor league players. We are over half way done but there are still roster spots to fill in both. We also have very active owners that are open to trades so there is still plenty of opportunity to make the team your own. I am looking preferably for an owner familiar with slow auctions/drafts on proboards, would be willing to join groupme for our league chat, and would dedicate themselves to this team. Here is his roster so far - He also has more cap space than most so that will help in the remaining auctions and he has some steals C Elias Diaz $550,000 1B Ryan O'Hearn $550,000 2B Jose Altuve $23,200,000 SS Jorge Polanco $550,000 3B Rafael Devers $550,000 OF Jesse Winker $550,000 OF Kole Calhoun $2,300,000 OF Gregory Polanco $7,000,000 UTIL Ketel Marte $7,700,000 $0 SP Aaron Nola $573,000 SP Matthew Strahm $550,000 SP Daniel Mengden $550,000 RP Seranthony Dominguez $550,000 RP Drew Steckenrider $550,000 RP Keone Kela $1,200,000 RP Mark Melancon $1,700,000 MINORS Colton Welker 3B Brusdar Graterol SP Xavier Edwards SS Brayan Rocchio SS Tirso Ornelas OF D’Shawn Knowles OF Lucius Fox SS Joe Palumbo RP Alex Verdugo OF Cal Quantrill SP Calvin Mitchell OF Jordyn Adams OF Luis Garcia (WAS) 2B Wander Franco SS Kevin Alcantara OF Taylor Hearn SP Jose Suarez SP If you are interested please reach out to me at hochunk5@yahoo.com here is the league site if you want to check it out.http://mlbda.proboards.com/
  5. Someone has replied and claimed the spot. The league is once again full. Thank you.
  6. Hey everyone, we had an owner drop out last minute due to time/commitment issue. Looking for one replacement owner ASAP we are pretty much set to start about a week after we get you signed up and paid for so you will have time to understand all of the rules and ask any questions you might have. Here is our offseason site and we also have a groupme group for chat. http://mlbda.proboards.com/ please email me at hochunk5@yahoo.com to join. i will give the spot to the first person who responds. Thank you and happy new year!
  7. I need to replace an owner that went AWOL. Being active is a must for this league. Please email me ASAP if you are interested in joining. We are about to start our league activity and schedule the drafts. email me at: hochunk5@yahoo.com for the info to join. Thanks!
  8. We have 6 open sports remaining. I sent you an email with the sign up info. Thank you for the interest!!!
  9. Thanks for the interest guys. I just emailed you the invites. We still have a couple of spots to fill.
  10. We are over half full, if this league is what you have been looking for email me to join. Hochunk5@yahoo.com