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  1. Honestly I would stick with what you have. Your RB depth is good but not good enough to lose Fournette, while your WR depth is better. Here's mine
  2. Hi all, In a 0.5 PPR league, being offered the Bears DST and Devonta Freeman for one of my RB2s - Mark Ingram and Aaron Jones. Is it worth making this move to improve my DST situation? Currently have the Titans. Decent waiver wire options are Minnesota, Philly, Houston, Green Bay, Jacksonville (just lost Ramsey). Their other RBs are James Conner, Marlon Mack, Damien Williams. Would it make sense if I can get Mack or Conner instead? My Roster: QB: Matt Ryan RB: Saquon Barkley, Mark Ingram, Aaron Jones, Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, James White WR: Tyreek Hill, Julian Edelman, DJ Moore, John Brown, Tyrell Williams TE: Travis Kelce K: Greg Zuerlein DST: Tennessee Titans
  3. Hi All, 0.5ppr, wondering who I should roster between T. Williams, E. Sanders, and J. Brown, here's my team: RB: Barkley, Ingram, Jones, Breida, Coleman, White WR: Hill, Edelman, Moore, T. Williams TE: Kelce, Dissly
  4. Going Henry over Kelce is way too risky for my tastes so I'd keep him. You have enough depth at WR that you don't need to do this trade.
  5. James White vs. NYG Matt Breida @ LAR DJ Moore @ TB Will Dissly @ CLE
  6. I would do it. Sure OBJ has been bad, but definitely way more upside than having Watkins as your WR2.
  7. Even if you don't need those guys you could do better than John Brown and a defense lol, though I wouldn't have vetoed
  8. I like this trade for you. Big upgrades at TE & QB, plus gives you a solid RB option returning in Michel who I think will get better as the season goes on. Tough to say who to give up, but I'd lean trading Jones just because the volume feels more secure with Fournette.
  9. Team A isn't much of a trading partner, definitely B and C. I would try an offer of Singletary and Diggs for Thielen. If not I'd see if Team B bites on Carson for Hopkins.
  10. Tevin Coleman was dropped for some reason. Do I drop Tyrell Williams or someone else (Emmanuel Sanders?). Here's my team: WR: Julian Edelman, Tyreek Hill, DJ Moore, Emmanuel Sanders, Tyrell Williams RB: Saquon Barkley, Mark Ingram, Aaron Jones, Matt Breida, James White TE: Travis Kelce, Will Dissly
  11. I would trade OBJ for Ingram. As for the second, if you are going to trade Hopkins I'd go for Chubb over Jones, but given the structure of your team I'd probably hang on to Hopkins.
  12. First I've never seen so many handcuffs. I don't think it's too much, as I'd prefer Singletary, so I think you'd be getting good value. But you may want to work on your WR depth after that move (Tyreek coming back definitely helps).