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  1. Fitz is going to get opportunity in this offense. Especially if it turns shootout. Not surprised. He lead his team in targets with 13.
  2. Final stat after OT are... 9 Targets 6 Receptions 131 yards 23 yard TD I started him due to Jordan Reed's injury. Might be a good option for the season now.
  3. 124 yards 23 yard TD 5 receptions Not bad for an opening day rookie TE....
  4. Crazy! That impact a lot of players and people in my FF. None of it hurts me....haha!!!!
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if DT takes over Williams starting role. Williams better not get hurt anytime soon IF he wants to keep his starting gig...
  6. In 10 team 1/2 PPR, I took AB in the early 3rd. 3.03 pick. IMO, he is going to play and dominate. The guy is complaining about a helmet. It gets resolved before well before the season. His feet will be fine.
  7. He doesn't know. Nobody knows. We just wait and let it play out. Eventually someone can claim "I told ya so" on here...
  8. My guess, he will be back week 10 and at the very least, right after Oct. 30th which is the trade deadline. But yeah, I will never draft him again.
  9. Sounds like Josh Gordon to the Patriots except he had a hammy. Showed up late in the week. Played the following weeks. It didn't take a month...
  10. Have no idea. Nobody does until we see what day he shows up, how far along is he in preparation for the week, etc... Even when he shows up, there are going to be some off the field stuff that will need to be addressed such as with teammates. And I didn't say 50/50 backfield... I said he will play and gradually build up. That is if ever shows up... It definitely won't take a month to get ready to play.
  11. IMO, they will use both and keep fresh legs going throughout. Connor and Bell benefits from an offense that has two explosive WRs in JuJu and Brown.
  12. It doesn't take a month to get ready once back on the roster. They will ease him in with snap count and gradually build upon that. Once arrived, he is going to play sooner rather than later.
  13. It's whatever at this point. Can't worry about him. If he shows up great. If not, it's been like this all year so why change now.
  14. Hyde owner. Frustrating as I could have easily started Lindsay or Emmanuel last night. I was going with the matchup of Hyde vs TB. This sucks...