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  1. Raiders fan here (sorry, that's a long story involving having only 3 TV stations as a kid and so my formative football years were watching the Snake and the Ghost hooking up in the end zone or watching Freddie Solomon "playing" QB for the Niners back in the day). For me, it is not so much what the Raiders do (DEF, WR) as to how the organization works together to build a foundation for success. I want to see Maylock and Gruden locked in step as to what they want hope to accomplish. I would draft two DEF players and a WR with their firsts (of course targets of opportunity could change that) and sign Bell or Coleman to un@@ck their RB situation. I would also trade Penn to anybody who needs an OL that can walk. With the FA loot they have, I would also make a strong play for Mosley (ILB, Ravens) as a priority FA signing. If they do that along, let's say, a DL and DB along with a FA RB, then I would consider this a strong opening to the 2019 season. Then again, I could be a complete idiot....
  2. FollowTheLeader, Your team listed in your signature along with your 2019 picks tells me you are in a very interesting situation. You are going to enjoy FFB next year!
  3. If your dynasty league is kinda set up like mine (34 active, 5 IR, and 5 Taxi spots) and if you have the space or just feeling lucky, Marcel Ateman (WR, Oak/Oak?/Barkersfield/London/Beijing/Lima/Planet Kriptor Raiders) might be someone to look at. I picked him up on the WW and stashed him on my Taxi. Who knows? If it looks like he isn't going to cut it then drop him and look for another high probability dart throw.
  4. I never, ever would of thought that Bell would give up that kind of money when I traded Mike Evans for him ( I thought Bell and DJ would be a good 1-1 combo, stupid me). At least I'm up on Bell....I still have my stunning good looks and charming personality.
  5. Carr owner here since his rookie year. He looks like a whipped dog trying to hide when he knows his alcoholic owner is looking for him in order to "teach" him a lesson. Carr is good person (you won't find him passed out in a bathroom of a bar down by the harbor) and he was once a very promising QB. I really think he needs a change of scenery. I see fear in his eyes....just like a cute, little bunny on a one lane road staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck. I have no idea where a good destination for him would be but if I were to put on my Cap of Craziness (+5) I would suggest the Jags. Haven't looked into the cap numbers but just looking at what might be a good fit, that might be the place.
  6. Picking up Adams is why some of us like Vegas. If you have the space and the resources and the trade off is risk tolerant, then why not? If anything else, you pick up Adams and hold the Smallwood and/or Clement owner hostage. Disclaimer: I hold Clements/Smallwood in a money dynasty league.
  7. Long term lurker here..... I have the same dilemma, DJ or Clement. I have always stuck to the "always play your stud theory" but with my team already being slapped around ( D. Jones, LB, IR, K. Neal, S, IR, and Le'Fluffy Bell, RB, OV [On Vacation]), I need to perhaps roll the dice and roll with Clement. The Fantasy Football Ghods are cruel and unforgiving. I know that benching DJ means he will go off. I have a picture in my mind of that T-Shirt of a mouse flipping off an Eagle as it is dive bombing the rodent. The about to be eaten rodent is my hero....may Clement shine in the light of "One week spot starters".