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  1. I think miles Sanders looks decent and with sproles and Clement out he may emerge
  2. played zach and because of it I’m only down 10 with pat Mahomes and d Williams left my opponent has Carr left win or loss with your studs bottom line
  3. He did I was like man he could easily caught 2tds
  4. Man I'm so glad I played Robbie Anderson as kenan Allen ****** me
  5. The facts of the matter is Kirk before this season used to be a good fantasy QB all he did was throw ... In real life this guy folds under pressure like no other , I've yet to see him take over a game when needed or concert first Downs in crucial times when his team needs him ... I'm really thinking about starting Josh Allen over him in my 2 QB LG this week because he is in a must win match up
  6. I doubt Conner plays I really really doubt it
  7. Josh will have a season like Carson Wentz 2017 next year mark my words , the kid is a beast without a supporting cast imagine him with real players around him
  8. Man I think I'm sitting Josh down I'm scared of the matchup probably gonna play Zay Jones or Goodwin
  9. Wondering the Same i have j Wondering the same i have josh Allen on my bench and the boy has talent say jones has been getting all the targets all season I’m just scared as soon as i play him in zay the will f--- me in the playoffs, and josh Allen doesn’t throw that much
  10. Idk no what Josh Adams has in y'all LG but in my ppr LG he has 19, it's easy to get scared about his usage considering Philly's past but he's having a good game all things considered and he will continue to get the bulk of the work ... His hip is definitely a problem tonight but I'm not worried about him at all
  11. Conner went Down it looks serious I hope his ok but out through out the playoffs lol I'm in a yahoo LG and have him on my bench with the te/RB tag
  12. Lol me either I’m already in the playoffs so I’m going to keep him until the end of the week
  13. The girl had no injuires but somehow hunt is a brutal woman beater jeez, what mixion did i can not cosign but hunt give me a break smh
  14. Show us where someone was beat on the video please
  15. Exactly i wouldnt consider someone pushing me as attacking me but hey ....and idc if shes a woman .....if a white man/woman or child called me a ****** they are getting hands put on them, problem is people trhink they can walk around and say anything they feel without anything happening