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  1. I drafted this guy, then dropped him, and then picked him back up Sunday morning. I will NOT let him go this time. Strong Hold and a MUST-OWN imo.
  2. Where all u Lamar Haters and Trolls at??? Ohh probably sending trade offers as we speak to acquire him...Lmao!!
  3. Brown is a poor mans Jordan Howard.....Henderson the guy to own for sure
  4. Henderson is the cuff to own without a doubt. Way more upside.
  5. No I wouldn’t make that trade, Evans for E Sanders no way and M Sanders is warming up. Hold for sure
  6. 12man Full PPR Pick 3 M Gordon vs Steelers Ekeler vs Steelers M Brown vs 49ers Breida @ Rams WHIR
  7. If he has the room on his roster why would it be pointless to own a handcuff for a RB that he doesn’t have??
  8. Dropped Dukey Johnson....Gonna try to sell Ross Hign
  9. Lindsay WHO TO DROP for GALLUP?? HELP...WHIR By Tomei7, 13 minutes ago 2 replies 8 views
  10. WHO TO DROP for GALLUP?? HELP...WHIR By Tomei7, 13 minutes ago 2 replies 8 views
  11. Elliot Conner Watkins Theilen Henry
  12. 12team full ppr, Gallup is available on the waiver and looking to pick him up. Who should I drop to pick him up. I’m leaning towards John Ross, it would be Duke but I’m very thin at RB. Deebo Samuel John Ross Duke Johnson Kyler Murray thx WHIR
  13. I own Kelce and got lucky with Andrews on waivers last week, I knew he would be a stud. Letsssss Go!!
  14. Benny Snail is trash!!! Stay away! Jaylen Samuels only
  15. GRAB DEEBO ASAP!! I drafted Deebo in the 13th rd in my 12man league, I seen the BIG potential right away in the preseason. Glad he is on my team.
  16. Stud my a**!!! Glad someone grabbed him 1st and I got lucky with Andrews as my 2nd choice!
  17. Who should I go for 1st Hockenson or Mark Andrews? WHIR