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  1. Submitted and accepted, he must like him some Smokey!
  2. Bells not gonna play much this year, whenever he decides to show. I would trade Bell away asap.
  3. Drop Watkins pick up Howard. Howard has a higher ceiling, plus he already had his bye week. Keep Bears Defense
  4. I have offered John Brown for Emmanuel Sanders straight up. Other owner is willing. What does everyone think? Should I make this deal? Is this a win win for me?
  5. Fitzmagic for sure. This will be another barn burner type of game, I have both Watson and Fitz but easy decision for me based on matchups. Giants secondary and MLB’s are a whole lot better than the Steelers(and I’m a Steelers fan btw). Steelers run defense is decent tho Bucs will throw a whole lot more, and Steelers will be trying to score everytime they touch the ball which will force lots of throws from Fitz against probably the worst pass defense in the league. You can go honestly with either one but I’m rolling with Fitz because of the Matchup. Fitzpatrick: 420yds/5tds 38yds rushing Watson: 298yds/3tds 43yds rushing
  6. Who should I start Watson vs Giants at home or FitzMagic vs Steelers at home. I’m starting W Fuller in my flex and Oj Howard at TE but also going against D Hopkins and D Jax? 12man ppr 4pts for PTDs
  7. Clement and Miller safest bet
  8. So out of Him, Fitzpatrick, Rams/Jags Defense I should drop Baldwin? U think he’s done this year?
  9. I tried do a package trade with one of the defenses and nobody took a bite. I’ve won this league a few times and always in it, owners seem scared to trade