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  1. Yeah put a Fork in this guy....Fire Up Chase Boys!!!
  2. help with mine please
  3. Gurley on if healthy with Coleman Singletary. If not Gurley go Johnson. Help with mine please
  4. Brady Bud!! Help with mine please?
  5. Tate no doubt Help with mine please?
  6. Not even a question......go with Singletary!! Help with mine please?
  7. Hock Help with mine?
  8. BYE week fillers Full PPR, Pick2 D Henry vs Chargers T Cohen vs Saints C Edmonds @ Giants D Henderson @ Falcons WHIR
  9. LJ @ Seattle or Kyler @ Giants. Full ppr passing tds=4pts WHIR
  10. I drafted this guy, then dropped him, and then picked him back up Sunday morning. I will NOT let him go this time. Strong Hold and a MUST-OWN imo.
  11. Where all u Lamar Haters and Trolls at??? Ohh probably sending trade offers as we speak to acquire him...Lmao!!
  12. Brown is a poor mans Jordan Howard.....Henderson the guy to own for sure
  13. Henderson is the cuff to own without a doubt. Way more upside.
  14. No I wouldn’t make that trade, Evans for E Sanders no way and M Sanders is warming up. Hold for sure