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  1. Ware is trash, glad I missed out on grabbing that plodder.
  2. I see a committee here for sure, nothing to get too excited for
  3. I really like Everette just not sure about the opportunity over Lacosse. My reasons are, 3 and 1/2 other mouths to feed on the Rams and I hear he’s not a great blocker so Higbee is on the field for 70% of the snaps. Lacosse even tho he’s the guy now, he is like a 4th stringer and Heuerman wasn’t exactly all that steady himself before going on IR. I like Everette over Lacosse as a TE no doubt but not sure I like him over opportunity. Tough one here.
  4. I’d go Sutton because of ROS schedule especially playoffs and also because Packers wr rookie Kumerow being activated off IR and he may also be in the wr mix in Green Bay
  5. 12man Full ppr Njoku vs Bengals or Brate vs 49ers WHIR 100%
  6. 12man full ppr. Lost OJ Howard for the year and have Njoku. Should I put a waiver bid in on Brate or should I just roll with Njoku ROS? Whir100%
  7. In the same boat with Njoku, I’m gonna try to grab Brate
  8. I would make that move without blinking
  9. Are u kidding??!! Burton is trash, Njoku hasn’t been targeted in like 3weeks. Don’t understand none of that, except Olsen being ahead of him.
  10. I’m riding and holding onto DJ also and hoping he can be a weekly starter WR1/WR2 for me weeks 13-16, AFTER I see this weeks performance, but I may get antsy and start him this week. I’m RB heavy and my wrs I have (Gordon, Galloday, Boyd, Coutee, and TQ Smith who I will be dropping before Sunday’s game to pick up Brate, a kicker to stream, or a defense)aren’t 100% proven or consistent and I have a feeling Panthers want to make this guy their #1. DJ was their 1st rd pick and the 1st WR taken off the board in this years draft so it’s his time to take the reigns as the #1, and I feel Panthers want this to happen sooner than later. Funchess is not a #1, his route running is not great, he can’t get separation to help Cam, had 5 drops last game, and his contract is up after this year which I feel Panthers will most definitely let him go and move on, sorta like how they let Kelvin Benjamin go in a trade to Buffalo last year halfway thru the season and they promoted Funchess to the #1. DJ has tons of talent and could put up blowup #’s if given the opportunities. Which I think he will.
  11. Took some balls to pick up the Saints Def and give them the start going against the Falcons high powered offense. But I knew I seen something in this defense last few weeks. Let’s Go!! Who Dey!
  12. Uhhhhh I wouldn’t get to far ahead of urself, he had at least 3-4 drops today, and dropped one in the end zone on a quick slant. Game should be in OT. Could of had at least 12-15pts more. I’m dropping him come Tuesday because Stafford is terrible. I need hitters come playoffs not players with a cap on them because of shotty QB play.
  13. Everyone so upset about Howard, Why? He’s been trash and is a plodder. Why are u so upset? What did u really expect? I’ve never owned or attempted to draft that guy on any of my teams. Drop that guy u can do much much better. Save urself the disappointment