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  1. 12man Full ppr Going against a solid team this week need to pick 2 Galloday Josh Gordon T Boyd TQ Smith DJ Moore Coutee WHIR thx
  2. Coming from someone who will try to re-acquire him but now ur low on the waiver priority Hahahaha. Nice try 😂
  3. He reminds me a lot like a young Steve Smith in his young and best yrs. And Smith had big #’s even with Cam at QB. I see them featuring this guy just as they did last game moving forward. I could be wrong but I have a feeling. Panthers can’t keep driving CMC/Cam into the ground especially when they will be in the playoff hunt, especially with this guys talent. BLOWUP ROS
  4. Love his game, Love his schedule and he should be the #1 wr on that team. Because I’m light at wr with Boyd, Gordon, Galloday, and Coutee I had to snatch him up. Got TreQ Smith too. May sit and watch this week and then fire them up for wk13 and beyond.
  5. Glad to see Keke healthy and getting tons of targets in a tough matchup. Glad I held on to him and stayed patient. ROS is looking bright.
  6. Offensive playcalling is trash, offensive line is trash, Mariota is a Fraud, and Dion is on timeout until they figure this out. So disappointed in what should have been a huge game for Lewis. Gonna hold for now or try to trade this useless baggage.
  7. Criccccccckeeeeetttsss Conscious Pilots
  8. Lots of laughs, confused, and sad faces at me when I said this. Jackson out scored both just with his legs. It’s called having a SET of NU+$!
  9. Let’s Go!! I’m starting him over Watson and Wentz. Feeling good about it too
  10. Wish you were in my league, or better yet, face you in the 1st rd of the playoffs with that frame of mind. I’d sign you up any day!
  11. My league also gives 4pts for passing tds and he scored over 20pts 3x ONLY. Not an option for me period, even if he was available on the waiver. I would never go into any playoff game with him as my starting QB risking a 11.72pt performance, maybe in a 2 QB league I would consider. Nothing to talk about here.
  12. Does anyone feel DJ Moore will be a good add with the great schedule in the playoffs? Just worried about so many mouths out there to feed. But the talent is there.
  13. Try the Anthony Miller ?!! It’s moving fast!
  14. Dude....Why are u even on a Lamar Jackson forum if u have Ben, Wentz, so many better options on ur waiver wire, and there if there is no value whatsoever with QB’s. Quit being a Troll.
  15. Titans have a nice schedule from here on out, and are playing lights out Defense.