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  1. Does anyone feel DJ Moore will be a good add with the great schedule in the playoffs? Just worried about so many mouths out there to feed. But the talent is there.
  2. Try the Anthony Miller ?!! It’s moving fast!
  3. Dude....Why are u even on a Lamar Jackson forum if u have Ben, Wentz, so many better options on ur waiver wire, and there if there is no value whatsoever with QB’s. Quit being a Troll.
  4. Titans have a nice schedule from here on out, and are playing lights out Defense.
  5. Currently sitting at 6-4 and in 4th place in a 12man full ppr and a tough 3 weeks ahead facing tough opponents. I’m projected to finish 6-7 but would like to finish 7-6. Thinking I might pick up 2 defenses for Rest Of Season and Playoffs, going to drop Chiefs Defense and maybe David Njoku(other options are Coutee and Anthony Miller, my wr Corp isn’t the strongest with Gordon, Boyd, Galloday, so I wanted to feel my wrs out the next few weeks, I am RB heavy). MY SQUAD QB Watson WR1 J Gordon WR2 Galloday RB1 K Hunt RB2 J Conner TE Oj Howard FLX Mixon K Zuerlein DEF Chiefs Bench: Wentz, Chubb, Boyd, Coutee, A. Miller, Njoku Here are the best options I see fit that are available. ROS and Playoff Schedule weeks 11-16. Pick 2 defenses a 1st choice and a 2nd choice thx. Titans: wk11@Ind, 12@Hou, 13Jets, 14Jax, 15@NYG, 16Was Bills: wk11bye, 12Jax, 13@Mia, 14Jets, 15Det, 16@NE Broncos: wk11@LAC, 12Pit, 13@Cin, 14@SF, 15Cle, 16Oak Pats: wk11bye, 12@Jets, 13Min, 14@Mia, 15@Pit, 16Buf WHIR thx
  6. I look at more than just the last game. I seen them all 8.5/0/0/4.5/0/0/0/0/bye/27.5, that’s 40.5pts in 9 games, Chubbs almost got that in 1 game. No comparison because of durability/health which is always a main factor in my book. Apples to Oranges. LF is Boom, Bust, or OUT! Not Interested
  7. Lmao....IMO I would never draft Fournette. Not into injury prone players that you can never depend on. He’s already missed half the season, and in the 2 games he did play in he got a big 4.5 pts and humongous 8.5 pts in full ppr. NO THANKS!! Chubb and many others over Part Time Broken Fournette. Nothing to to talk about here.
  10. Give those cleats back, Henry is straight trash. Shouldn’t even be employed at the NFL level.
  11. Bro, ur talking nothing but non-sense! Told u once already put down whatever ur on...real talk!!
  12. Hahahaha, put it down whatever ur on!!
  13. I’m still holding on to him because I got space and depth. Hoping that Management makes the right decision to give LJ the nod. Flacco can be released after the season or designated for a June release and create $10.5-$18.5 in cap space. Ravens will not go anywhere with Flacco. I just see them releasing him after the season and rolling with LJ, why wait till next year to see if LJ can get it done tho? They need to find out now so they can decide if they are going to release him. Yeah I know the Ravens are still in the playoff hunt, but I believe with a pretty good Ravens defense and LJ’s skill set he can be just as productive if not more than Flacco. Harbaugh and Newsome are on the Hot?Seat and why not win over the organization and the fans and roll the dice with their 1st round pick, they could save their jobs. This boy LJ is hungry give him a shot. LJ and the Ravens Defense is the perfect antidote for wins going against KC, ATL, TB, and Chargers if their worried of missing the playoffs. Slow the game down with the run game, ball control, and Great Defense.
  14. ? might want to edit AGAIN Bud. Did u forget about Dilfer!
  16. Ur sensitive, this is a football forum, put ur feelings aside and contribute to LJ discussion. Thx
  17. If you have the space ABSOLUTELY!! Major Upside awaits against Butter Defenses ROS.
  18. Stop being so sensitive Lil dude, it’s a Football Forum. Get over it!