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  1. This guy is supposed to be the TD machine and it just isn’t happening. This dude needs to show up tonight. Hockenson coming in off a bad concussion. Come on Jones, let’s go!
  2. Bro killed me this week. He just has no juice still. Did this cat not workout while he was sitting???
  3. How important is the quarterback position in the NFL? The Jets before and after Sam Darnold lol
  4. Well there’s still beat reporters at the practice and they have to by league rules list injury reports. It’s weird.
  5. No update on him at all today? KC didn't practice?
  6. That was the worst football concussion I've ever seen with my own eyes. If they start him, they deserve to be sued for billions later honestly.
  7. I’m all for competitiveness and trying to win. But if they start this kid Sunday, I’ve lost all respect for that organization. Dude looked like he got sniped from the stands. He was out cold for 20 minutes. That team is 1-4 and not winning a Super Bowl this season. Lol This is despicable honestly.
  8. Yep. I need them both out, otherwise it’s a no from me.
  9. Literally not one report or anything on one of the top receivers in the game still this week???
  10. Sorry bro, but Kittle looking like a massive bust this season. They are using him as a decoy from his success last season to make big chunk plays from other guys
  11. Maholmes got trained wrecked back there this week in part thx to McCoy and Damien’s pass or lack thereof blocking defense. He was barely touched when Darell played the last two weeks. Regardless, either McCoy or Damien is getting hurt again and probably soon. These dudes live half their lives on the shelf. Darrel will get another day at some point. Probably sooner than later.
  12. I was pretty close with my stats! I just never saw that second catch. It blindsided me. RJ is the perfect guy to have for a bye week fill in (which I will use him for). I simply don’t see Arians giving him the keys to the car after his rookie season (as we know, rookie rbs actually explode the most their first year unlike all other offensive weapon positions). Barber just isn’t going away with his veteran presence. The hype for RJ reached epic proportions last week, people announcing they aren’t playing Jacobs and Lindsay on here for RJ (omg). How many teams did this thread wreck this week
  13. Fantasy wise: True, it’s not the case. But the Chargers are winning far less with a LOT of Ekeler than last season with a LOT of Gordon. And we saw why Sunday. He is worthless on short yardage into the D line. Gordon’s role will grow for sure. I still think Ekeler will be usable most of the season however in ppr.
  14. Two times had Gordon been in football ready shape and smashed it in from short, the Chargers win (and the Chargers know that). The first time was at the end of the 1st half. They went with Ekeler up the middle for short and goal and he got obliterated. Then they tried to run Ekeler out wide sweep left and he didn’t make it and fumbled. The second time they did try Gordon (in the 4th) and he almost got in to the 1, but you could tell the explosion just isn’t there yet. Then they tried again but Tyrod muffed the snap and it became a broken play. Things will improve.