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  1. Dude, he's been gross. And after getting paid like a God. And the Mets are notorious for wrecking arms. What exactly are you defending here?
  2. If the Rams win it, the NFL is a joke
  3. Catch for me, but goodness who knows
  4. The hilarious part is that is after they've collided for a bit. The ball was way off the screen when he first hit him. lmfao. What a total joke of a product.
  5. There was actually 2 horrible non pass interference calls, not 1. So no, it wasn't decided by just 1 call, but multiple.
  6. Embarrassed for the NFL right now. Ridiculous.
  7. Then wouldn't that result in a more even number of penalties and not 14 to 4? lol
  8. Patriots - 14 penalties for 106 yards (almost every penalty when it was insanely important); Steelers - 4 penalties for 40 yards. No way in hell was the NFL going to let Brady beat the Steelers again. This league has become a joke.
  9. He'll obviously be back next season, but I very much doubt he plays another game this season.
  10. The police have stated that they didn't look at the video that night, and the investigation is still pending. He still could be charged actually.
  11. But in the Chiefs statement, they were told they were not allowed to see the video and only police authorities could see the video. So they had to go completely on what Hunt told them. Apparently, everything he said was a lie and cover up about the situation.
  12. By the way, the Chiefs have said they cut Kareem Hunt not over the actions of the video but him completely lying to them about the incident.
  13. I agree. This guy is a black mark on sports. He's everything wrong with professional sports now.
  14. Most likely RG3 gets a chance. Why else would they have held him this long if not try him now?
  15. Can be 1 or 2, though 2 is more ideal in this league's scoring format. For what it's worth, Rotoworld Pre-season rankings of QB's had Jimmy G at 11, Mariota at 17, and Winston at 20. Mariota dying has killed me as much as G going down. Regardless, I'll gladly take a starting RG3 or Lamar at the moment. Shrug