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  1. There are 0 players in the league that can guard this dude 1 v 1 in the post... he ain’t no Clint Capela relying on athleticism to get points lol
  2. He is not a high percentage 3 point shooter so I wouldn’t expect him to attempt many going forward, especially given the ability he’s shown lately to get to his spots in the mid range and knock down those shots consistently.
  3. I’m as disappointed as anyone with the inconsistencies, but anyone who thinks he’s third option behind a guy who can’t shoot with two hands is out of their damn mind. If you watch philly play, he and embiid are still figuring out how to play together and it’s been quite awkward on offence when they share the floor thus far. I don’t expect that will continue the entire season
  4. Really hoping he gets his shooting confidence back soon cuz he’s looking very 1 dimensional in the pick and roll right now... never looks to score even when he’s got the ability to hit a 16-18 footer every time
  5. Personally I think it’s a good idea to stay away from Boston altogether. It depends what you can get him for obviously, but if it were me I wouldn’t bother with him. Problem is that his owner probably views him still as a fifth/sixth round player and you’ll likely have to give up someone in that range to get him when he likely won’t return anywhere near that kind of value rest of season
  6. Damn dude you sure showed me! That was a good one 😂 BURN
  7. What we gotta realize is that these are two alpha personalities that have got to learn to coexist... but Joel ain’t no wiggins or towns, he will be fine. There was always gonna be a bit of a transition period
  8. This guy is an absolute flop... #1 pick my a**, the raptors passed the ball THROUGH HIS LEGS 3 effing times in one game
  9. Told y’all not to sleep on big dick butler.. bought low on this guy and he’s bent over my competition this week
  10. Monk and Parker were killing it tonight so they took his minutes
  11. 100p trading this guy away after tonight’s performance.. dude had his virginity taken by jamychal green
  12. Last thing anyone needs is Dave joerger as their coach... fact that shumpert is STARTING... bum a** you gotta be kiddin me
  13. Bruh I hope the kid you traded was 12 cuz this is embarrassing you bent the fool right over
  14. Traded Randle and dlo for jimmy buckets and Jeff Teague, points league needed sf pretty happy w the deal