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  1. Edelman used to be a quarterback also...🤷🏿‍♂️
  2. This guy annoys the sh.. out of me. Been nothing but a headache since I drafted him.
  3. Im more worried about the pocket collapsing than who is covering scary t.
  4. Im def dropping, i have hunter henry, aj green, singletary and damien banged up. QB is too deep.
  5. Might have to do with lack of preseason play so the first few games is like preseason.
  6. Its because dallas def was swarming the o line and keenum
  7. The team and coach seem to have more optimism than you.
  8. Yea I'm holding for more news, but he is burning a giant hole. (No IR) but 7 bench spots.
  9. Don't fall for that nice game, this guy should not be a starting QB
  10. They paid Davis so now they have to justify it. Sort of like how Seahawks were trying to force Penny the ball the first 4 games last year until they abandoned that and let the better player (Carson) get majority of the work.