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  1. DJ has been a cancer to my team. If he sucked that would have been better, he did just enough to stay in my lineup. The worse 1st round pick out there at least leveon didn’t screw me
  2. How do y’all feel about him in the playoffs? I feel like now that the falcons are out of playoffs they may want to start evaluating their players and seeing what they have with Ridley (1st round pick). I could see this guy finishing strong and being the main focus in this offense. Is is that crazy? Clearly they drafted him bc they didn’t think Sanu had what they wanted so maybe he gets a lot of looks?
  3. Sanchez does not want to play. He will try to end drives (3 & our) as soon as possible. The redskins offense was never high powered but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t score a touchdown the rest of the season. No joke redskins are DONE this year. Jordan will average 10 yards per game. i know TE is a wasteland but just want someone that will get u 3-5 points instead
  4. Burton will make you pay this for doubting him. He is the true TE ONE! I will go down with the ship if he fails but I believe. Next 3 games hell have 3 TD's and 210 yards. How dare you doubt this man.
  5. I think he’s safe from here on out. I didn’t start him this week but looking ahead none of the defenses scare me. He’ll put up at least 2 TDs from here on out. Hes a veteran an who’s playing for respect,I don’t see him pulling a jay cutler
  6. I feel like pats offense hasn’t been nearly as dynamic as previous seasons. Part of that is adjusting to the teams strengths and keep Brady protected but on the road against an anemic Mia offense I could see this being a close, ugly division rivalry game where pats win 17-10. With that said you probably have to start him if you have him. Good luck!
  7. This guy is awful. What makes me mad is I knew he was gonna suck when I drafted him. I’m in keeper league so guys like Gurley/Hunt Weren’t available. I knew this team sucked and he’s been just as bad as I thought he’d be. At least spencer ware will replace him so I don’t have to watch AZ again
  8. If you have secure RB1/2 options (zeke & Chubb), do you think spencer ware is a better flex than this guy ROS? Ive started DJ all year. I’ve noticed that compared to other RB1s he’s never really saved/won my weak, just sorta coasted with him. I think Ware is a much better start which feels like y’all it’s to say
  9. In all fairness it has happened before. The strategy was made famous by Eddie “cold hands” Lacey, dude was a beast in November/December back in the day. If Howard serves any purpose it’s to run the ball 30 times in cold temperatures. He’s got 18 carries last game so it’s not like he’s god awful. Plus sources say he plans on bulking up during thanksgiving, Nagys been referring to him as the redzone bulldozer.
  10. Who’s ready to circle jerk? Tyreek is the best WR/offensive fantasy weapon (outside QB) in the NFL, I don’t think it’s that close. His ability to score 10+ points in a blink of eye is unrivaled.
  11. When are you planning on starting him? Because best case scenario he puts up good numbers 1/3 games. This was also true last year. Idk why this guy went in the 4th, I accidentally auto drafted him but managed to trade him after that one okay game he still had hype. Even if I had him I probably would drop him for a kicker to fill in for Butkers bye, who imo is more valuable.
  12. I love how when this guy scores one TD his chances of scoring a second one go through the roof. Some people might prefer a guy like thielen who’s consistent but I love this man.
  13. Crazy that a starting RB on a defensive minded 6-3 team, might be my most droppable player. Who has more value, this guy or spencer ware (not joking).
  14. Idk what to do with this guy. On one hand he’s in a good offense and definitely has the talent but as with most rookie receivers, he lacks a consistent relationship with his QB. Do you think you can rely on this guy to put up 6+ points for 3 weeks straight in the playoffs? What do y’all think his trade value is?