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  1. This the only reason I'm holding this guy for now. I could see his outlook changing dramatically in a few weeks.
  2. Phil rivers is a vet. I doubt they completely collapse with him as QB. With that said Melvin Gordon is trash. I thought I was lucky when I picked this full up on waivers before the news broke. Wish he would of stayed MIA bc he's made Eckler useless as well. I'm starting him this week bc of byes. If he doesn't get 11-16 points tho... then were ******
  3. Disgusting. Hopefully some of my league mates didn’t watch the game and I can trade him next week. Looked slow and unexplosive, nothing positive about this guy. Then Tom giving the big middle finger to all us owners was the iceing on the cake. God why do the patriots make it so easy to hate them. Heres a question, would u trade this guy for David Montgomery? Where exactly is value at you think?
  4. I agree. I think in a do or die match up Goff is likely to die. I just think this is a low scoring game, something like 17-9
  5. Im starting Famous Jameis over this fool.
  6. Similar to Pittsburgh, the Giants are gonna load 9 men in the box to stop Sony and make the unproven inconsistent quarterback, Tom Brady beat them through the air. This strategy was very successful for Pittsburgh and I see Brady struggling to move the ball against this load secondary and strong defense.
  7. Sony is merely a decoy this week. He will used to trigger the play action so Brady can pass it deep to his receivers like Gordan and build there confidence.
  8. Regardless of Tampa's success containing him last time are you really not gonna start this homie?
  9. I own both and would gladly have Melvin walk and this be ecklers backfield
  10. (Sighs) even when you have a good game Juju, you still manage to disappoint me..
  11. I tried to trade him last week but no one took the bait. Tbh this guy may be droppable due to his situation
  12. He about to eat next week against Arizona
  13. THIS IS HOWSRDS BACKFIELD. Lil rookie bish ain’t ready for the league. Howard barely getting started, just wait till it’s cold outside.
  14. Freeman got paid. He got no reason to be in top shape and give his all. His team ain’t maki g the playoffs. He’s just going through the motions. Calvin Ridley is not a legit offensive threat. They’re are probably 15-20 players on the waiver wire that are simmilar to Calvin Ridley.
  15. Man after his limited starts in 2017 & 2018 I thought this guy would be a great value stud if he could stay healthy. He’ll probably have a few games where he goes for 20 but no where near the consistency he did in the last few years. I think I’m letting go of him this week