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  1. it's gonna be pretty tough for anyone to sit a top 15 RB in the playoffs. i know i wont! the lil dude is a big reason i'm even still playing.
  2. gosh. he makes some big boy plays. i'm on the fence about starting him in the wild card over deshaun watson... gonna be a long week!!
  3. this sounds like one of those assumptions that some people will just parrot without looking into it. ajayi has been treated like a bellcow but that was by a different team. he's actually never carried the ball more than 15 times for philly outside of one playoff game. clement's career high is 16 (and that happened this season in his only start). clement's not gonna start getting 25 carries a game or anything and there will be a split with him but it will probably look a lot like the split that existed when ajayi was healthy. sorry to burst your "philly won't play him like a lead back like they played ajayi" bubble but sometimes it helps to look into these things before you type about them.
  4. what clement loses in the running game compared to ajayi, he should be able to pick up as a better receiving option. i think you could slot him in around where ajayi was--late teens, early 20s, assuming the eagles don't make a splash with a big trade and that he continues to get more work than smallwood. not a bad flex option in a 10 teamer.
  5. yeah. i noticed this too. i've put in a couple minimum FAAB bids for kickers this week. figure i'd get ahead of the kicker streamer teams and give a new guy a test run this week. i'm fine cutting crosby a week early and then keeping an eye on him next week. doubt anyone will pick him up during his bye week. and if he kicks well next week then i'll try to get him back in week 8.
  6. NFL trade deadline isn't until october 30th.
  7. hines isn't playing?!? (kidding.) josh is my tiebreaker player right now. i'm just not ready to start him until i see him play a bit more than 25% of the snaps. (he's behind kupp, corey davis & doug baldwin for me.)
  8. howards playing time each week: 71%, 73%, 62%, 54%.
  9. mack, hitlon, doyle ALL RULED OUT. fire up your nyheim's!!!
  10. ha! i said it's probably good to do that IF you are trying to predict what will happen on the football field going forward.
  11. that's an assumption i'm not willing to make and i dont think the coaches will simply make that assumption either. cohen was a three year workhorse back at a big school and touched the ball 300 times his junior year. he can handle a workload. the bears offense looked "alive" for the first time all year. teams "turn the corner" every year. and in my experience if they flipped their game script while doing it, fantasy owners shouldn't discount what happened just because it surprises them.
  12. it's hard to argue that they're calling the wrong plays for these guys when they're both averaging 5.0+ ypc... as always, i think it's best to take your fantasy football goggles off when you're trying to figure out how these NFL teams should use their players.
  13. it matters since it's a pretty good predictor of future opportunity. sure it's nice that he's putting up WR36 numbers while being the 3rd guy on the team but if he's off the field when the team gets close to the goalline, that's a red flag on his ceiling ROS.
  14. i'm surprised a bit at the narrative around this. consensus seems to be that howard's "job" is safe and that cohen remains 2nd on the pecking order but i'm really not so sure. this is exactly what it looks like when one RB takes over the lead job: outtouching the "starter" 19:3 through three quarters, the offense finally moving, and the "starter" getting mop up duty after the game is out of reach. i also don't think this is an ingram/kamara situation. that offense hums every week and both backs get plenty of opportunities throughout the game and in the red zone. the bears offense won't sustain two RB1s/RB2s. more likely one of these guys is a solid RB2 and the other is a dart toss flex play. week 6 can't come soon enough. people can point out the opponent all they want but my guess is the team will try to go back to what was working and cohen will outtouch howard again in their next game.
  15. his yards per game from 2016 and this year are pretty similar. downside is, he's on pace for 128 targets, which isn't ideal. upside is, he's averaging more yardage per target, so if we see his volume increase, there's still a chance he settles in as a solid WR2.