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  1. Currently have JAX in lineup. Can go pick up SF or TB. Stick with JAX?
  2. I would not trade Rodgers for Chubb. I dont like Ryan for Collins a Collins owner this guy is SO frustrating. I assume there is not many QB needy teams. I would try to move Ryan. I guess if Collins is the best you can get so be it but i dont think you NEED to make a move. Conner and MG3 are great RB's. Dont believe the hype about Connor taking a back seat he will be lead back all year because Bell is not coming back. Thanks for help on mine!
  3. Nuk & Barber. Seems like a very fair trade. Thanks for help on mine.
  4. I like the trade for Adams or Hopkins and also possibly Kelce trade. I guess I would lean Adams over Hopkins because Rodgers and GB already has had their bye whereas HOU has not. Great team with really solid depth you got there. Thanks for help with mine! Good luck on your trade endeavors.
  5. full ppr/bonus yards league Current Roster: QB- Trubisky WR-Green, Woods, landry, Crabtree RB- Bell, Mack, Martin, Collins, Barber TE-Gronk, Ebron, Olsen Drop Ebron to pick up Moore or Keke? I need some WR depth and I hate marching Crabtree out there in my flex When the TE landscape was looking real grim I picked up Ebron and Olsen in an attempt to trade Either of the 3 TE i have yet cant get a nibble on any of them and now with Doyle back I can see Ebron becoming even more TD dependent. If i make this move I obviously stop trying to move Gronk and roll with Gronk and Olsen (two injury prone players at WR). I am also concerned I might have to play Moore and Olsen during the same week. Yes my team is pretty weak but its just been a miserable year with drafting late/not getting a shot at connor cuz he was on waivers/injuries to ajayi and Jimmy G Thank you and as always WHIR 100%
  6. Full PPR + Bonus pts for total Yardage + Long Plays/TD's - 10-Team (4 Team Playoffs) Current Team: QB - Trubisky, Baker (Lost Jimmy G even though he was mediocre first few games I was all in on him.....shouldve been mahomes) WR - AJG, Woods, Landry, Crabs RB - Bell (late draft couldnt get conner with #8 Waiver), Collins, Mack, L.Murray, RoJo (lost Ajayi and just 3 weeks ago my only viable starter was Collins) TE - Gronk, Ebron, Olsen DEF - Philly Its been a rough season and I know my roster is weak for being in a 10 team league. Injuries and bad luck. Luckily I've managed to completely overhaul my RB situation by working the waiver and I'm outside with my foot in the door for the playoffs sitting at 3-4. While not spectacular I've managed to build some moderate RB depth. Current Lineup: QB - Baker WR-Green WR-Woods WR-Landry RB-Murray RB-Mack TE-Gronk (or Ebron) Flex - Crab I am not a huge fan of my WR depth in general/flexing crab every week. Looking for an upgrade through a trade but sadly my league mates eat major doo doo when it comes to trades and only want to do extremely lopsided trades. Just looking to open some dialogue as to what others might try to do with this team. I feel like I have some pieces in place but need work. What WR's would you guys target? WHIR 1000000%!
  7. Luck/Hunt/Woods would be my opening offer then work from there. Gurley owner needs a bit of everything....
  8. I am a Gronk owner who has been trying to trade him and happen to own Bell as well. I would take this offer in a heartbeat. Like you said Steep price but with your depth easy move.
  9. Side A. Don't even try to break it down to make sense. This is a senseless trade.
  10. I think I will have to say Smith here but J.Allen could be a sneaky play IF NO can come out and score on BAL def and out them in a hole. BAL has proven as soon as they are down in score its the Buck Allen show!
  11. Coleman and Ingram...the popular choice will be Chubb but I don't want to install a first week starter in my lineup til I know for certain what his full role is but thats just me.
  12. Trade #1 is horrible. I don't know what these guys are talking about. Green and Evans is like a wash so your giving up Gronk for Baldwin which is not a good trade. Gronk and Godwin for Green and Gordon is a much better trade.
  13. We need a little bit more information about your league and its scoring before anyone can make a recommendation to you.