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  1. He caught first ball of the game and immediately left for the sideline and did not return on the series. So no.
  2. They expected I’m sure to have this game in hand so they could be very selective with Henry’s snaps. That’s why I pulled him out of my lineup anyway. game went sideways so they’re in panic mode using any resource available, Henry’s health be damned.
  3. This is just tragic. From the away fans taking over the stadium to getting dominated b a 1-4 team with it’s 3rd string undrafted QB. I’d be on suicide watch as a chargers fan.
  4. I pulled Henry out a minute before kickoff expecting him a horrible game script with the chargers up big. Turns out to 180 the other direction.
  5. Why do PPR players talk like any and all fantasy football is PPR?
  6. Those of you starting Henry tonight, is it because your TE situation is a total dumpster fire? Or is it cuz you're on the train?
  7. It's either him or graham to seal the win, or blow it for the loss.
  8. Started them today. Was risky today but they've looked so stout. plus goff