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  1. Guess you know the season is officially over when the most popular topic is the NBA
  2. You should keep your TE slot. It adds another dimension to your league. If you want one of the elite guys you can draft one early, or you can gamble on a guy you like later to break out, or you can stream scrubs and go better at other positions. TE/WR slot neuters the position.
  3. Penny has an eating problem. Came into camp out of shape, kinda worked it out in the first half of the season but it surfaced again later before he got injured. IMO if you don't have the discipline to even keep your body, your main tool to succeed, in top form then that is a non-starter. Future is not bright for Penny unless he gets that figured out first and foremost.
  4. 2/2 (probably) Won money league, lookin real good to three-pete in the other.
  5. 1 catch for 6 yds fumble lost, out for game (knee) incoming.
  6. Guy is a specimen. 7th round pick out of Oklahoma State. Totally overlooked by NFL scouts due to the pass 1st, pass 2nd, pass 3rd offense his team ran in college. Will be a force for years if he can stay healthy, his running style is taxing.
  7. brutal sorry Doug lands 1 foot further on that last deep catch and you win by 11
  8. Need Lindsay to score less than 67 points
  9. I think its feally just a durability thing. He doesnt want to lose carson to injury with the way he runs