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  1. Apparently so! Just did a bit of research on it. I'll make my decision once I know who's available on draft day but I'm now leaning towards 1 or the last of the top tier bunch
  2. Thanks for all the advice, even though it was quite mixed! I decided to keep Adams in the end. Gives me a bit more flexibility on draft day starting with a WR1 and an RB1 (zeke). Ultimately, Gordon's knees scared me too much
  3. Anyone thinking about buying both Chubb and Hunt and playing both by season's end? If I end up with Chubb in the 2nd round, I'm thinking of aiming for hunt later. Ride Chubb for the first 8 weeks and play both after that if they're both seeing the field regularly. Something similar to Melvin Gordon and Ekeler, they combined for 40-50+ points per game when they both were fit last year, I sometimes started both last season! Could a Browns RB platoon put up those numbers by season's end? Could be a nice base score every week coming in to playoffs. Or should platoons be avoided? This is only my second season at fantasy so I don't know
  4. Why Mixon ahead of Gordon/Adams? Less ppg than both and Gio steals a bit of his time on the field. If Gio leaves, I'd be much more tempted with Mixon
  5. Thanks for the input 😊 When I add the 0.25 points per rush to Gordon's 2018 totals, he finishes 17 points behind Adams (340points) having played 4 games (25%) less, with Mixon a further 23 points behind (300 points), having played 2 less than Adams but two more than Gordon.
  6. My 10-team league is introducing 0.25 points per rush this coming season so this will have an effect on who I can pick as my keeper. I need to pick two from the following candidates; Zeke, M.Gordon, D.Adams, Mixon, Kittle, R.Woods, M.Evans Zeke is a definite keeper and I'm leaning towards Gordon as #2, especially with the new points per rush. Adams is tempting, just to have a stud WR already but does Mixon have a chance if Gio Bernard isn't at Cincy next season? Also, I get to chose my draft spot on draft day if that helps (although some new teams will be joining the league which will take some of these names off the board before I get to draft). Anyone able to help? Thanks and WHIR
  7. Thanks for the replies! I get to choose my spot on draft day, leaning towards taking pick 10 in our 10-team league and would be hoping for someone like Mixon/Chubb or mayyybe Adams but I don't think he slips that far. Gordon would 100% not slip that far.
  8. 1 point PPR, 0.25 points per rush, who do I keep for next year? Already keeping Zeke and I can only keep one other. Leaning towards Gordon but worried about his injuries! Other options are Kittle/Mixon but it's hard to imagine myself keeping either ahead of Gordon/Adams
  9. Week 14 - highest weekly score (on a bye) Week 15 - second-highest weekly score (lost to the highest score) Week 16 - highest weekly score FML
  10. The ravens held Julio to 2 points a few weeks ago. I can't be having that happen week 15. That's my reluctance with Evans. He might score 30. But he also might score 2
  11. Normally I'd go luck but I don't like his matchup as much as goff's so I'd lean Goff this week I'd lean Russell here too, he put up a good score against SF two weeks ago I need to start ONE of the following in my PPR flex spot: J.Gordon @ PIT Boyd v OAK Mike Evans @ BAL Unsure about Gordon with Gronk back and playing well but he has a high ceiling and maybe Gronk will get double coverage? I don't like Evans matchup at all but am finding it difficult to sit him. And I just like Boyd's floor in this matchup with a chance for TDs. I already have Mixon and I'm not sure if I want to double up on Bengals players but Oakland could be juicy for them. Any advice?
  12. Both third string backs in good matchup, toss a coin really. I'd maybe lean Jackson if Gordon is out, he's seen a lot more action recently and I would rather trust that. I like Williams too, any way you can start both?
  13. Remember, he caught a 75 yarder td against the Seahawks last time so he only went for 54 yds apart from that. Great td threat but I think his floor is about 3/40/0. I hope he does well this week but talk of starting him over guys like Mike Evans seems excessive (I own both)
  14. Samuels for me definitely. Williams is third choice and he might do well but it's week 15, I'd lean towards the less risky Samuels option. All changes if Conner is back though. For me, I have to pick THREE starters from the following: Boyd v OAK J.Gordon @ PIT Woods v PHI Mike Evans @ BAL (don't want to ever drop him) Pettis v SEA (he hit 5/129/2 at Seattle two weeks ago) M.Gordon (he's definitely in if he's playing tomorrow night) Also, injured Ben v NE or Rivers @ KC? WHIR!!
  15. Anyone know why Jamal Adams scored less than a point last weekend? He'd been doing well recently but I didn't see the game and I can't be trusting another goose egg in week 15. I'm trying to figure out a decent replacement, can be from any team. Currently tossing between Denico Autry (higher ceiling) or Anthony Walker (safer floor). Who would be the best pick up for this week? I'm leaning towards the safer floor of walker. Does anyone have any input to Jamal Adams? Did he get injured or something? No update on the NFL app