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  1. Washington moves up to 3 for Haskins Miami trades for Rosen. New England takes Dalton Risner Denver takes a Devin. Green Bay takes Marquis Brown at 12.
  2. I think it was definately a catch.
  3. He got smacked after that too!
  4. It's been bad all year. I think the pass rush steps up and causes some turnovers. We are looking at 21 to 20 Chiefs for the final.
  5. I agree it doesn't look good. I've also seen many times where everybody is talking about how the game is over but it's not. I think Mahomes is one of those guy's who can pull a rabbit out of a hat. This is a gut feeling from watching a lot of football.
  6. The Chiefs are gonna come back and win this. I don't know how many times I've seen this scenario. High flying team lays a dud in the first half and then turn in on in the second half. BTW...James White is the best non superstar player in the league.
  7. Stay away from players who are already injured or coming off injury or are injury prone. Doug Baldwin Dalvin Cook Leonard Fournette. Also, Think seriously about benching players who have missed a few games and are coming back but aren't 100%.
  8. I ended up getting Ertz in 2 out of 4 leagues because the year before I was in TE wasteland. Grabbing these guy's in round 3 or 4 was a beautiful thing this year. Having to snag these guy's in round 2 next year is a whole different ball game. I'll happily wait a round or two for Kittle next year.
  9. I'm right there with you regarding the rankings. I cost myself several games this year by not trusting my gut and changing my lineup at the last second. Going to fantasy sites for the rankings is like going to main stream media for your news. CNN is gonna tell you one thing, Fox will tell you another. Even though each analyst on a site has their own rankings they all tend to gravitate to a level of group think regarding many players. I remember the week Cohen played the Bills he was basically a top ten ranked back my most sites. I thought this was crazy. The Buffalo game is a fantasy wasteland. Chicago is gonna get a lead and it will be a bad game script for Cohen. I ended up playing Cohen absolutely knowing I was making the wrong decision. Hopefully this is something I can overcome next year.
  10. This is the year that could have been for me. All off season I talked with friends about my strategy. I was gonna grab Mahomes in the tenth round and then grab Ryan or Goff later or whoever. I was gonna try to grab Conner late in every draft(I didn't think he'd be the starter all year but I felt he would start 2 or 3 games). I was gonna take Lindsay in the last round of my bigger leagues(round 20). It was basically a freeroll with Mahomes since I was confident that I could at minimum grab a serviceable QB if he didn't work out. In the later rounds it always comes to a point where I'm not excited about any player. This is usually where I start taking the high upside back ups like Conner. All off season I heard the Lindsay hype. My nephew worked security for the Broncos and told me the hype was real. I ended up getting none of these guy's. I just kept drafting what I though was depth for my team and ignored Mahomes. I simply overlooked Conner in all my drafts. I talked myself out of Lindsay thinking that he may touch the ball maybe 5 times at most and would be nothing more than a gadget guy. The lesson......Stick to the plan. Use your imagination. Have some faith that you are smarter than you think.
  11. I still think this is the way to go. I've had several years where I held onto my FAAB and nothing great emerged. I'd prefer to speculate early in a situation where I may get a gem for all or most of the season rather than someone who can help me for two or three games. I tend to overpay but also get my guy. I also start to pick up players who could be fantasy relevant in the event of an injury to a starter on the cheap before it happens. Basically, if I have a roster spot I'll pick up a quality back up and hold as long as I can. We saw the benefits of how that can work out this year.
  12. I think it's a pretty good bet that Jimmy G will produce next year. He will have some solid running backs, a good offensive line, and some nice talent to throw too with Pettis, goodwin and Kittle. I don't think you'll have to spend too high of a pick on him. You can get Jimmy and one of Ryan or Rivers if you want.
  13. I agree! What the Warriors did before Durant was impressive. Now it's just expected.
  14. Then he got healthy and punched somebody and got suspended.