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  1. If anyone is interested, we've been running this for a decade. It's done through Real Time Sports. Set your lineup each week with any player you want. Once you've used that player, he's gone to you for the rest of the playoffs. The strategy, obviously, is to start players in wild card weeks that you think will do well and not advance. You can enter up to three teams, $20 per. Last year we had right at 200 entries. 70/20/10 If interested, e-mail me at Chris@kyclc.com Please delete if i'm breaking any rules.
  2. Went four wide early in the day so one Gurly was done my only real choices were CJ or Darrel Williams. Rolled with CJ.
  3. Him or Eli, prob a mix of both. This game is an enigma to me. In the last six games the Saints have given up over 14 pts only once and it was to the Falcons and 17ps. I see Ben on his arse quite a bit but what do I know.
  4. I've got a feeling that either Sutton is finna get off or I just want Saturday night action. Can determine what it is.
  5. Kenneth Dixon Corey Davis Courtland Sutton Darren Sproles PPR TIA
  6. I'm trying to decide between Jameis, Dak and Josh Allen. Right now I've got Allen in there.
  7. Dixon is the guy in Baltimore. He's always been the guy. Every else has been filling in for him while he's been injured. Best back they have. Hopefully he stays healthy next year.
  8. Keenum is the problem. Sutton had one or two targets where he was wide open and Case proceeded to throw it directly off the outstretched hands of the DE. He's a scrub.
  9. Thinking of dropping Doctson or Courtland for this dude
  10. No doubt. Was feeling a goose egg big time
  12. I'd get an erection if he just got another damn target.
  13. Just need one catch to get us off the snide