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  1. Depends on your roster. I plan on holding him through his bye. If Rojo takes over this backfield, it could very well start after the bye. If it doesn’t happen then, I may drop him but I really like the way he looks this year.
  2. Cards fan. Arians was a great coach but his act started to wear thin when he was here. Calls out players in public but then will not hold other players accountable and he seems to have pet players. Will never replace an underachieving coach aka Amos Jones.
  3. Play him at TE for a game, get him TE eligibility. Then start him at RB!
  4. Dude we get what your opinion is on this matter. You don’t need to rehash it multiple times.
  5. Please, you corner the market on ridiculous opinions #1kerryonhater. The Mack owner may not. Maybe he would if he was deep at rb, who knows. You don’t have to trade Beckham. You could, you know, bench him to see if it turns around. What is Coleman going to do? I’d rather wait for an RB injury and speculate on that for free than have Coleman who would never crack my lineup and is low upside.
  6. Good luck. Maybe you can get the Coleman owner to throw in Ty Johnson while you’re at it. If I am panicking and trading OBJ I would shoot much higher like Mack or Jacobs. Don’t see a point to Coleman.
  7. I get why someone may want to sell low on Beckham. But for Coleman? What’s the point? That’s a crazy desperate trade
  8. The skills are definitely there. I’ll say yes and I love Golladay. It will be interesting to track. We have seen a monster season from a freaky WR on a bad passing offense. 2013 Josh Gordon. Unlikely to happen for Chark since that was such a huge season but there is precedent. Chark has the speed, size, ball skills, and body control to do it.
  9. 10 points from Kittle/OBJ. Should be a given right? Got smoked by Eagles D. Thank goodness for Josh Jacobs.
  10. So impressive. The body control on that sideline catch, wow. Plus he’s that big and fast? Wow. Reminds me of Kenny Golladay but chark runs a 4.3.
  11. Wowza. Run into Eagles D also?
  12. Gordon looks like a JAG out there. Hopefully just rust.