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  1. i know my miami has a poor rating for rb defense, but they have a good defense overall. after long thought, i just don't trust cohen for week 6. i can see the bears easily turning to howard to not let him be the rb2 2 weeks in a row. it's those 2 factors that are holding me back. hines has limited upside but he's been on the rise and could possibly keep improving his value at least until mack comes back. i think i would rather play it safe and take a sure fire 8-10 points instead of the boom or bust cohen. hines also has room for more if he could only get a score. i'm definitely benching lindsay against the rams. i don't own lynch, but i don't see how you wouldn't start him over any of those 3.
  2. kenyan drake will probably either be a forgotton man for his carer/long-time bench player. or... becomes the darren mcfadden that should've been. guy has talent. i don't evaluate fantasy players without studying talent. he just needs to be utilized better within the offense and receive 20+ carries per game.
  3. [Removed Cool Story] i see jokic as a top-5 fantasy player this year with lots of upside. he should end up being no worse than top-10. i would take him over lebron, curry, and kd. and he's a major force for leagues that reward you for double-doubles. his best years are here to come and he's preached to the media that he wants to become an all-star this year. denver should have a high powered offense and they have a ton of playmakers who can feed him the ball and also score off his crisp passes. towns is the only player in dynasty i'd right the ship over jokic, but i can't name a single other player i'd definitively take over jokic. he's that good. that talented. unleash nikola# 2019. let the hype train leave the station.
  4. he's been a major bust. and yes, he's killing our teams right now. [Removed Cool Story] he'll probably suck for a while and then dominate just in time for the stretch run. there's no way a 4th-5th round pick can be this bad. he still has major upside. the dolphins brass are not using him right. we can't put the blame on him. lot of season left. i'm telling you now-- don't sell him short. don't make him a throw-in to a meaningful trade. hold steady. bench him for now and just be patient. even if he never turns it around, he's too good to trade for a rb3.
  5. I know I'm looking ahead. but for week 6, should I start cohen playing at miami or start hines playing at the jets?
  6. MY ADVICE... Add him in all leagues asap unless your starting tight end is Zach Ertz or Travis Kelce. He's about to feast on those Niners.
  7. I preached to myself I was going to bench him first week back. Only bc it's his first week back. And you don't want to take the risk of him possibly getting a limited number of carries. The question is "how much exactly" will the bengals' coaching staff decide to limit him? if he only gets 12-15 carries, i say to the people you should safely bench him. but no bernard. dolphins defense. this scenario makes it very tempting to start him. what if one of your team's he's on is struggling mightily and you need the victory? let's get simple answers here folks. START HIM yes or no? To me, 15 carries means like 8 fantasy points without a score and that's flex material in most leagues. In shallow leagues, 8 points is a bench player. So how many carries will he get?-- 20 or more means yes (you start him). Closer to 15 means no (you bench or flex him).
  8. Yahoo has him ranked 19th. Is this blasphemy? I say with a roaring shout, "yes!" He is a top 10 fantasy player in my book. Top 5 for dynasty purposes. I said it here first. I could be terribly wrong, but I'm all in this year. He is currently ranked 10th in my top-10 overall rankings. That's right. There are only 9 other players I would draft ahead of him this year in redraft leagues. He's going to be taking 10 threes a game. He'll probably make 7 threes some nights. There are 80-point games on the horizon folks. But no seriously, don't sleep on him this year. For real. I'm drinking the Beal juice and you should too.
  9. a lotta praise goes out to those of you that stuck with him. i lost hope after week 2 but luckily was able to pick him back up after his breakout game. not to get anyone's hopes up, but i'm still not totally convinced that he has won the starting gig or will be able to be the lead back from week to week. in a postgame interview, coach naggy told reporters that he played cohen a lot mainly due to the matchup. how i interpret this, is that from week to week or on any given week, it's gonna be a total guess as to which version of cohen we are going to see. but on the other hand, coach naggy's comments may be misleading. maybe cohen continues to break massive tackles in the passing game and trubisky demands cohen to be on the field for more snaps and rushing play opportunities. personally, i love his ros prospectus and believe in his upside being a top 20 rb, but in order for that to happen, a lot of things are going to have to go his way. but give this guy 20 touches a game, and you can probably flex him every week (that is unless you have 3 top 10 rbs).
  10. imagine he turns into what le'veon bell was supposed to become. i drafted him in my main league bc while i was doing my preseason research, his skill set was being compared to bell's-- the way he has an innate ability to make sharp cuts and stop on a dime and has great rhythm to his movements and reads the defensive pressure as defenders move in on a play. this guy is definitely going to be a superstar. i don't know if he needs another year or two to reach his peak, but i just want his best to be now. i need him badly this year. not many rb's i'd rather own in dynasty. definitely gurley, elliott, barkley, kamara. maybe johnson, gordon, hunt, mccaffrey.
  11. buy low window is wide open. this was a guy projected to be a top-7 receiver at worst. dream and it will come.
  12. I would add him now while you can. He's worth it if you need running back depth. Colts aren't their typical selves in the passing game this year. Great speculative add this week for 12 teamers and worth closely monitoring in shallower formats.
  13. I think the Colts running back is a good speculative pickup in a deep league or a good player to keep close tabs on(Hines). Albert Wilson is a good deep league add. There's a ton of quarterback upside on the wire for 2 qb leagues or for deeper leagues where you may need a backup qb. TE is the one position to constantly play the wire for in the coming weeks bc it truly is like the catcher position in fantasy baseball. Seal-Jones will probably turn into a good streamer. Ellison is a guy who could become really valuable in the next couple of weeks. Other than the spectacular play from Mahomes and Fitz (both off to surprising starts), the most intriguing story line to me has been the amazing play from Jared Goff. If the Rams have a historical season and win 14+games, then Goff should have a real chance at winning MVP. As far as running backs go, it's hard to predict which ones will turn into waiver gems at this point bc the position has been mostly a crap shoot due to the lack of waiver options. Buck Allen and Chris Ivory are one of the few guys that have become solid pickups.
  14. Add him now folks before it's too late. I had the vibe Boyd would turn into something before he became a must-add. Now, I got the feeling Kirk is going to burst onto the scene. What a huge difference the starting quarterback can make. There's a real possibility he could turn into a top-30 receiver ros because of the all the looks he can be getting. The position is very deep this year and the wire has been friendly, but a bunch of the top names have vastly under performed. It's a terrible team he's on, but the offense can only improve from this week on.
  15. I think he can be a top-20 wr the rest of the way. As long as AJ Green remains healthy, he'll be taking away a lot of coverage for him to make big plays. Similar situation to what's going on in Pittsburgh. I don't know if he'll be quite as good as how JuJu has been so far, but his stock only looks to be getting better.