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  1. If you’re not selling out going for it this season only I don’t think there is anyway you make this trade.
  2. Guys I would considering picking up in this order:Schoop,Heaney, Nelson. Personally I would drop Jones too. But if that really handcuffs you probably Gibson out of your arms
  3. Keep forever OBP League. Thinking Biggio is worth the pickup with his OBP skills. Who would you drop? Winker Kepler Yandy Diaz Matz
  4. Damn, can I have your squad lol. Like hootie said I’d try and add something with polanco for Eloy. If not, I would be more than comfortable with turner and would deal Tatis for him if you need OF that is.
  5. Tough one to answer without knowing your ss depth. Help with mine?
  6. I’d say Perez here. Not that I trust him more but I like the matchup better.
  7. Keep forever dynasty league(categories/OBP). My Pete Alonso and Luis Garcia(WSH) for Carlos Correa. Which side do you guys like better? I have Olson and Vogelbach on my bench. Think that’s enough 1B depth to make this deal? Any thoughts would be great gents
  8. Trade my Larnach for his Urias. Owner of Urias wants to dump him since his arrest, curious to see if you guys think this is a smart fantasy trade of an owner selling low. Thanks in advance gents
  9. I’d say weaver, Kikuchi is gonna be under innings limit(heard somewhere in the area of 150 innings).
  10. Lol sorry man my bad. I always go for the buy low guys especially if you have a panicked owner. As an owner of Jram I would go after him! lindor I wouldn’t say would be a buy low option just yet. Good luck man