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  1. Believe me, it's better to have no rant impetus. I had Diggs in my lineup for a couple of days based on the Philly matchup (picked him up off waivers two weeks ago), chickened out because I read too many rankings lists where he was around WR 23-28 and didn't know if he was still in good stead with the coaches, picked up and started Malcolm Brown in my flex instead (hey, he was RB 15 in a few rankings!), and will now lose by about 20, 25 points (down 14, opponent has Crosby). My season is now toast at 1-5, and honestly I'm so bummed at myself for not following through on Diggs I wish I could just rage drop my whole team and cancel the rest of the season. But I gotta keep plodding ahead and live with yet another colossal lineup blunder this season. I think this is the second worst I've ever felt playing FF, behind the absurd fourth quarter loss on MNF I endured after Robert Kelley rang up about 20 fantasy points in the last 5 minutes.
  2. *checks* I need Mason Crosby to fumble four times, throw three interceptions and score no points kicking.
  3. My Hopkins-Mixon 1-2 draft day punch also renders me a ghost this season. Still, if I'd left Diggs and Hyde in my lineup instead of reverting back to Mixon and grabbing Malcolm Brown, who just got stuffed twice at the goal line, I'd be looking at a win today. Never been in last place before in a primary league - it's a real confidence shaker.
  4. Yep. I tried so hard to make the right decisions this week, and wound up leaving Diggs and Carlos Hyde on my bench and starting Mixon/Malcolm Brown, ironically because I said to myself, "Don't overthink it, just start the guys with the highest projected points." Fail.
  5. You know, I deserve to sit here and watch Diggs score 40 points on my bench. It was bad judgment not to trust my gut and start him over Mixon just because of the expert rankings. Now I can watch my season come to an end for all intents and purposes - I'm not getting out of 1-5. I hope I learn my lesson this time.
  6. Pats D scores 27 on me. Me on Thursday night: I need to gamble on a big day here. Hey, I'll start Diggs. Me on Friday night: Hey, Gurley's out. Better pick up Malcolm Brown so my opponent can't use him. Me on Saturday night: Wow, Malcolm Brown might actually be the better play. I'll leave Diggs on the bench and put Brown in my flex. Gotta start my first two draft picks after all (Hopkins, Mixon) - can't bench them for Diggs! Me right now: I suck at fantasy football.
  7. Well, I picked him up off waivers as a wait-and-see, but the principle still applies. I've stopped trusting my judgment this season because of my crappy start, and now I'm just second-guessing myself into the cellar.
  8. I wimped out of starting Diggs and left effing Mixon in my lineup. That's gonna be the nail in my coffin this season. 1-5. It's that fear of taking out the nonperforming player and missing out when he finally has a good game.
  9. I was thinking it's like having another RB1, but it's more like having a second QB1. Not too many RB1s can keep up with the New England defense. Well, I'm off to plan for next season, since I don't have the New England defense and am already toast after facing them last night.
  10. Worst fears confirmed - Giants cough up two defensive TDs, bunch of turnovers, I'm already down 27 and staring 1-5 in its mocking face. Last place. Everything is going wrong this year and I wish I had taken the season off.
  11. well, my season is over. 1-5. No way I'm overcoming a 30-point night for my opponent's defense.
  12. Dollars to doughnuts the Giants add to the Patriots D fantasy point total here. I swear, every other week I face a defense playing a ludicrously bad opponent that gives up a defensive TD or two.
  13. Guy in my league just used his #1 waiver priority on Darrel Williams (and dropped Evan Engram). Is there a secret news feed I don't have access to or something? Everything I've seen says Darrel is number 3 in the RB pecking order and will probably only play on passing downs, so really not startable unless there's an injury. Maybe it's just Damien Williams confusion?
  14. I expect the Patriots D to score 20+ FP this week, maybe 30. It's absurd how hobbled the Giants will be for this game. It's like having an extra RB1 in your lineup.
  15. Even though he's looked good out there for the most part, that's 2 out of 5 games where LeSean has put up a near-goose egg, and now Damien is back. If you have, say, four other RBs on your roster who are ranked in the top 30 options and have shown themselves to have higher floors, I don't think it's crazy to let him go if you have other needs. Guys like Carlos Hyde and Ronald Jones might be safer RB2/flex starts if you have them on your bench, even if their ceiling is a bit lower. I mean, he only had two touches. Yeesh.