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  1. I'd sit. There probably won't be 3.5 points worth of stat corrections, but you could lose, say, one point pretty realistically, and what if Denver puts up a -3? I had a defense score -3 for me once this season - I think it was the Jets that week that they were supposed to trash Buffalo and gave up 40+ instead.
  2. At every position - QB, RB, WR, TE - the guys on my bench outscored everyone at that same position in my lineup. Unreal. I can't believe that happened to me in the championship game. Never seen anything like it before - not to that absolute a degree - and it happens NOW. Every. Single. Guy. (Bench was Wilson - QB, Hilton - WR, Woods - WR, Fournette - RB, McGuire - RB, Ertz - TE; starters were Mahomes, Chubb, Mixon, Dalvin Cook, Julio, Amari, and Jaylen Samuels.) Oh, and I had the Titans D until after the game yesterday - started the Rams instead. Also outscored. (Last night I dropped the Titans D to pick up McGuire, to prevent my opponent from possibly snagging him.)
  3. Steelers trying hard to set Kamara up for another TD, I see.
  4. TDs vultured and called back by penalty ... every single starter underperforming their projection ... every start/sit decision wrong ... maybe I'll die in my sleep and not have to live with this tomorrow. Yep, there's a TD for Woods. The 100% wrong decisions are complete. Cooper and Jones should have been benched, Hilton and Woods started. Bench Mixon and Cook, start Fournette and Elijah McGuire. Bench Samuels, start Ertz. Just expect the direct opposite of last week. I should have known that. Got it, universe.
  5. I benched Samuels for Ertz last week and Ertz for Samuels this week. 20+ FP for Ertz after netting 2.2 last week? Oh, come ON. I want to cry. Also, my opponent - a zombie team who made her first lineup changes of the season this week when she learned she was in the finals - started Carlos Hyde, who is outscoring Amari Cooper in my lineup. You can't make this stuff up. I'm playing a supernatural force or something.
  6. Every active player on my bench has double-digit points now (4 guys). None of my five starters do. I am absolutely, positively facing a zombie team of destiny.
  7. Started Chubb, Mixon, Cook. Sat Fournette, Elijah McGuire (as most would have, I assume). Started Jaylen Samuels over Ertz at TE after almost losing my semi last week when I started Ertz. Started Amari Cooper over T.Y. Hilton. Wrong, wrong, wrong so far. Soooo random.
  8. He's like, "You started Chubb, Mixon and Cook over me? I'll show you." Elijah McGuire doing the same thing to me too. The 'ship is always so random.
  9. So far, Fournette is making me look like an idiot almost every week I start him, and now the week I sit him. Sigh.
  10. My opponent in my league's 'ship is a zombie team that drafted well, then made zero roster moves or lineup changes all season. Got lucky a lot to finish 4th, then upset the 1-seed in the semis. The team manager finally woke up and made two lineup changes this week by substituting Carlos Hyde for Alex Collins at RB, and ... Marcus Mariota for Matthew Stafford. I guess that team's crazy karma has been disrupted.
  11. I drafted three of these guys (Bell, Fournette, Jax). Bust city. Took me about 80 roster moves, but I'm still in the 'ship! Fournette gets an extra noodge for taking up roster space all year, starting three games and not finishing them (including last week in the damned semis), but having a couple RB1-worthy games right before that so it's hard to sit him. Nightmare pick.
  12. Standard league: QB: Mahomes (Wilson is alternate) RB: Mixon RB: Chubb WR: Julio (Hilton if Jones can't go, then Woods) WR: A. Cooper TE: Samuels (over Ertz - learned my lesson good last week!) FLEX: D. Cook K: The Leg D: Rams
  13. I wish I had seen even one expert ranking Samuels above Ertz. I planned on starting him all week, then chickened out right before kickoff - a big factor in that was not being able to find anyone ranking Samuels above Ertz as a flex option or as a TE in Yahoo leagues. It wasn't even close. I figured I was missing something obvious, so I backed off. I don't get it, to be honest. Samuels blew him away. So close and yet so far...
  14. I'm up 31.55 in the same situation (standard, 6-pt-per-TD league). I consider myself a significant underdog to survive given the state of Carolina's pass defense. I think Brees will put up around 300-350 yards and 3 TDs tonight, which is about 33-35 points. My fault for starting Ertz over Samuels at TE.
  15. Exactly - hindsight is 20/20. If Ertz catches one of those balls in the end zone and puts up 11 FP instead of 2.2, I'm feeling a lot different today. Few people thought the Eagles wouldn't need to pass, pass, pass and play catch-up in the second half. But Ertz wound up doing very little, while relatively unknown commodity Jaylen Samuels did see a ton of productive use (despite not scoring), and now I'm sitting here lamenting my decision to start Ertz at TE. I gambled wrong. Experts thought Fournette was likely to ball out with a favorable game script, so I went with that instead of gambling that Cook would see so many touches (both were good matchups on paper). I chose wrong, and am bummed today. Now Fournette's saying the Jags planned to limit his carries yesterday - sh-t, if I knew that 24 hours ago I would absolutely have started Dalvin Cook, and wouldn't now be praying for a miracle tonight from a lame Panthers D against Brees. That sucks, man. But I'm sad that I guessed wrong in a game I invest a ton of time playing and that my team underperformed so badly, not that I ignored obviously better information. You can't avoid the luck factor. My teams are usually good, but I've only won one or two titles because of the annual playoff randomness that bites me in the butt.
  16. I'm crushed right now. Blew it by not starting him and going back to Ertz. Epic, epic fail. I had to go look at Rotoworld opinions reinforcing the groupthink that you don't sit Ertz. Foles can't find the guy. Infinity pushups it is.
  17. Damn, I'm wishing I'd left Jaylen Samuels in my lineup right now, and bailed on Amari for Hilton or Woods ... I wonder if Ertz can even approach 17.2 FP, which is what Samuels got in my league. I wimped out on him two minutes before the Patriots-Steelers game and flipped back to Ertz, so it's stinging right now. Plus my Seahawks got jobbed ... Yeesh. Not my bestest day.
  18. Dalvin Cook is on my bench, E-I-E-I-O. I played Chubb and Fournette instead, E-I-E-I-O. Gonna lose my game, gonna lose my game, what a shame, what a shame, what a freaking damned shame, Dalvin Cook is on my bench, E-I-E-I-O.
  19. I had Jaylen Samuels in my lineup over Zach Ertz and chickened out two minutes before kickoff. FML.
  20. Me getting this wrong cost me my season. Effing Fournette. It hurts to lose to players who try way way way less than I do.
  21. I started the Jax D last week. Went back to Houston this week. League Loser! But I am a loser, so it's super appropriate. Just am.
  22. Yeah, I should have sat Chubb I guess. Hard to sit players that have been performing consistently and putting up 20, 30 points though, on the hope that the new guy will focus on Cook, who hasn't gotten a lot of carries this year. If I'm wrong, it's a classic "You should have started your studs" fail. No one on this board suggested I start Cook when I asked for advice in Assistant Coach forum, either, so I'm not alone.