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  1. Woods for OBJ

    Looked okay tonight lol more need him for the week 12 bye
  2. Breida top scorer on my team this week, how sad lol. Guys great though when healthy, outscored Mixon and Gordon
  3. Guess its time to trade off Mixon smh lol
  4. No sht announcer said Breida was out with an injury and nothing else. Didnt know was just asking
  5. Very true but was having such a great game, he just won me my week
  6. What happened to Breida? Said out injured?
  7. There's the limping Breida we know. Now get back in there for the TD
  8. I think you look quite set. Good QB, nice set of RBs, great TE. Maybe try to bundle a WR and RB to get another WR1. Thomas is great but the rest are unreliable
  9. Woods for OBJ

    Cooks seems to be getting more targets, who I have and hope he gets more with Kupp gone. Hope I kept the right one lol
  10. Trade help..WHIR

    Too many players in there. The only names really worth it are Barkley and Gurley, Id keep Gurley
  11. Woods for OBJ

    He accepted I got OBJ
  12. Chubb for Woods? WHIR 100%

    Yes do it, Kupp out Woods will get more targets
  13. Woods for OBJ

    Standard league is the a good offer? I have Woods (also have Cooks) and will need a good WR week 12. Just dont know about OBJ and how crappy that teams been this year and with Kupp out Woods should see an uptick in targets. Should I offer or find someone else to go for