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  1. Hopkins is really letting me down, have him in 3 leagues. Hes going to lose me 2 of them if he doesnt get more passes
  2. I like Moore more, Cooks just hasnt been targeted, but watch him have a break out week
  3. He ended up accepting his Chubb and Edelman for my Jackson and Landry
  4. Have the following options this weekend: Landry vs LA James White vs NYJ T Williams at MIN McLaurin vs CHI Who should I start? Thanks!
  5. I'd stay put I dont like Jimmy or Newton so unless you can get a different combo Id pass
  6. 10 team PPR, Have Lamar Jackson and Matt Ryan. Guy lost Brees and wants Lamar from me. Offered Edelman which I turned down. Should I counter or just stick with what I got? My Team: Jackson (Ryan) CMC, Ekeler, (Breida, Hunt) Sanders, Cooks, Fitzgerald (Hill, Desean, Landry) Ertz His Team: Elliot, Conner, Chubb (Gore, Hyde, Singletarry) Edelman, Woods (Moore, Robinson, Valdes) OJ Worth trying for one of his RBs? Or stick with my team? Also he wont take Ryan I asked.
  7. Your set at RB, get what you can out of him before his stock drops. Did you try for any of the others you listed?
  8. Id stick with Mack, the Bucks just cant get anything going
  9. Hes still available in my 10 team PPR league. For RBs I only have: Fournette, Breida, C Thompson, White, Gordon. For WRs have Hopkins, Lockett, Landry, McLaurin, Telvin Williams. TEs I have Kelce and Hock. Start 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE and a Flex. Anyone in there worth dropping for Gore?
  10. Who would you start today 1 PPR league Brandon Cooks vs NO Tyler Boyd vs SF
  11. Update: i just picked up Chris Thompson in ppr would you start him over Williams?
  12. I like Mostert, Breida has a hard time staying healthy
  13. I would do that quick, thanks for the help
  14. Need a flex for tomorrow, full ppr league Duke Johnson Jamison Crowder Jarvis Landry Tyrell Williams