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  1. Saw hes done for the year, might need another surgery. He almost cost me last week, dropped for Allen so we will see how this goes
  2. Ive ran Pettis last 2 weeks, Michel just has to share too many snaps
  3. Who should I start? Both look like they will play. I know Breida is more injury prone but thinking him over Samuels just because of his upside. Even though it was the Samuel show last 2 weeks hes only put up 10 and 13 points. What do you all think?
  4. Coach says he will not practice today not a good sign
  5. Should I still go Seahawks when I have Kittle and possibly Breida and Pettis (only play them if OBJ or Diggs doesnt play)
  6. Have the Broncos but last week they didnt look so good, and going up against Cleveland with Mayfield's cannon Im not too sure. The Browns have been pushing 400 yards a game. My other options are: Falcons vs Arizona (bad Defensive against worst offense) Giants vs Tennessee Seahawks at SF Lions at Buffalo
  7. Wish wed hear something before tonights waivers go in, I dropped him last week was debating picking him back up
  8. Im hoping this is true, my other options are Wentz, Mullens or Allen
  9. Time to drop? Have little hope against NO
  10. Coach just said he feels a lot better today... of course he does