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  1. Mgordon for mixon and pieces

    Keep Gordon!
  2. What RB ROS? WHIR

    Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake or C.Thompson Standard Scoring
  3. Who to Drop? 100% WHIR

    keep goddert
  4. I wouldnt trade AB
  5. I'm 5-0, what more can I do? (WHIR)

    I thought your moves were good. Morris would be my pick
  6. What RB to pick up WHIR

  7. What RB to pick up WHIR

    Standard League, 10 teams. The options are: Marlon Mack Nyhein Hines Smallwood Corey Clement Alfred Morris Alfred Blue Jamaal Charles I am favorable of something good for the long term. My current RB are: Hunt, Howard, Conner, Drake and Thompson. Would you drop Thompson or Drake for one one the above?
  8. Help with my Week 5 line up. WHIR

    I would start rivers, Breida and allen
  9. Who to drop ? WHIR

    My bears def is on bye week and based on recent results I will not drop them, but I still have to drop someone. Who do I drop? k.drake, c.thompson, j.landry, or r.woods? also, is Hines worth adding considering I will have to drop someone of that list ?
  10. RB Waiver Help WHIR!

    Hines is the best one right now.
  11. Should I trade Odell for Sony and JuJu?

    I would Make the deal and don’t look back.
  12. I wouldn’t.
  13. Josh Gordon on waivers?

    Well I don’t think he is going to be a WR1, so I wouldn’t.
  14. Lost Eifert pick my new WW TE WHIR

    As many other said, Ebron. Although I think McDonald is a close second.
  15. Trade Help 10 Team 0.5 PPR

    Although I don’t really feel you need a better Qb, just another option to choose from based on the matchup. and ultimately I think it’s a good trade, I would make it.