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  1. Aaron Jones, Kenyan Drake or C.Thompson Standard Scoring
  2. I thought your moves were good. Morris would be my pick
  3. Standard League, 10 teams. The options are: Marlon Mack Nyhein Hines Smallwood Corey Clement Alfred Morris Alfred Blue Jamaal Charles I am favorable of something good for the long term. My current RB are: Hunt, Howard, Conner, Drake and Thompson. Would you drop Thompson or Drake for one one the above?
  4. My bears def is on bye week and based on recent results I will not drop them, but I still have to drop someone. Who do I drop? k.drake, c.thompson, j.landry, or r.woods? also, is Hines worth adding considering I will have to drop someone of that list ?
  5. I wouldn’t.
  6. Well I don’t think he is going to be a WR1, so I wouldn’t.
  7. As many other said, Ebron. Although I think McDonald is a close second.
  8. Although I don’t really feel you need a better Qb, just another option to choose from based on the matchup. and ultimately I think it’s a good trade, I would make it.