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  1. thanks, yeah he picked up nugent and after his 4 points last week wants a new kicker, he saw I had Gonzalez shoe been decent and asked if I would added him in lol.
  2. Zane Gonzalez the kicker for cardinals, I also have terry mccluriun, but yeah it leaves me weak at wr, but with dalvin, saquan, Kamara I think I can get by. he won’t do green
  3. I declined and he just offered AK, and hooper for Godwin, steffon Diggs, sanders and Gonzalez no brainer I accept this right?
  4. Yes I think it’s a good move for you fournette will help your rb and terry is prolly die for regression
  5. You look pretty solid to me, Only thing I see is possibly picking up Wayne gallman if saquan is out again you could use some
  6. I would also keep Henry rivers hit him twice on the red zone first time back is a good sign of things to come.
  7. I would accept it Jamie’s too unpredictable Lamar has been great in fantasy you have depth at rb and can lose
  8. I would take it hunt is coming back soon and cmc has been amazing. Drake is a die fade from Ingram but I fell cmc makes up
  9. My roster: qb: Josh Allen Rb cook, saquan, d Williams, singletary, sanders wr: Kupp, Godwin, green, mccluriun, Diggs TE: dissly the trade would be me giving dalvin cook, Godwin receiving alvin Kamara, Austin hooper, Tyler Boyd, Matt Ryan should I accept this?
  10. Arron jones to score less then 5ppr points like he did in week 1.
  11. Hunter Henry killing me limited snap count my a**.
  12. If Godwin keeps up this production he has a chance to be the wr1, and bell is getting Darnold back. I’d only accept if you can get Adams.
  13. I’d do it mixon will at least get u 10 points and has upside of rb1 production, mccluriun can also be nice flex and depth for your team. On the other hand juju is playing with a 3rd string qb, and the offense just isn’t clicking.