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  1. Full ppr 12 team 0-2 TE: greg olsen or tj hockenson K: k fairbairn or zane gonzalez Thanks
  2. If you want to pick up josh allen i would drop mattison or metcalf. I think that i would lean metcalf since your have such a good WR core and if cook gets injured then mattison could be a league winner. I would start kupp over hardman until we know if him or robinson are the #2 WR. Thanks for help on mine
  3. Who would you flex this week full point ppr? Sony Michel vs jets Mecole hardman vs chiefs Tyrell Williams vs Vikings Miles sanders vs lions Im leaning sony or mecole but which would you start of the 4? Thanks WHIR
  4. I think if you want to play it safe go with Golladay and thompson. If you want high risk/ reward start Hollywood and Sanders Thanks for help with mine
  5. I would drop Marvin Jones to get Josh Allen Help with mine?
  6. I would roll with Sony since James white will miss the game with his baby being born. Im doing the same, since it should be a good game script for him playing Miami this week. Help with mine?
  7. Full ppr Qb: Matt Ryan or Lamar jackson WR: Tyler Lockett or Tyrell williams Flex: Sony michel or Tyrell williams Thanks leave a link and WHIR
  8. Here's what people paid in my league 100 faab budget Hollywood- 50 Hockenson-25 Malcolm brown- 10 Gio bernard- 5 Mclaurin, ross, hardman, went unclaimed
  9. I Agree with others drop penny for hollywood. Since you already have duke I would hold off on hyde. Thanks for the help on mine
  10. Agree get rid of Davis In the order I would pick up is singletary, hollywood, Malcolm then mclaurin
  11. Thinking of dropping Curtis Samuel for one of these unclaimed FA who would you add? Or would you hold samuel? Mecole hardman Jon ross Terry mclaurin Ted ginn Danny amendola
  12. Heres my team 12 man full ppr 100$ faab Qb: Matt ryan lamar jackson Rb: Nick chubb, Chris carson, Sony michel, Lesean mccoy, Miles sanders, Alexander mattison Wr: davante adams, tyler lockett, curtis Samuel, Tyrell Williams I'm thinking i need a wr to help with depth but cant decide who to pick up and drop from current roster. Who would you choose or would you just wait and see how everything shakes out? FA im considering Rb: malcolm Brown, possbily swaping with sanders or mattison Wr Marquise brown, John ross, Terry mclaurin, danny amendola Mecole hardman Im leaning mclaurin/ Hollywood then toss or amendola and last hardman but what would ya do. Leave link and ill help ya out.