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  1. thank you for the past 7 weeks my friend, you have won me my league. stay healthy
  2. I have to go Sutton instead of diggs. Unbelievable
  3. He got mad because she wouldn't have sex with one of his friends! Unemlopyment and hunt collision course
  4. I am.. I'm thinking of starting McCoy against Miami. But idk if I have it in me to bench Mixon for McCoy
  5. T minus 4 and a half hours before kamara helps me get to the playoffs
  6. Whatever works.. 3 touchdowns on 13 receptions for a total of 200 yards
  7. Need kamara to go crazy to help me make playoffs..
  8. Starting gus over mixon today. Ahhhhh
  9. Waiting a week to see him in that offense. Firing up njoku