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  1. Really hope this is serious and true. Im down 30 with Cam & Samuel against CMC. Highly unlikely I can pull it off, but its possible if Cam has a great game, CMC gets no TD's and Samuel gets 2 TDs.
  2. ty montgomery healthy scratch.. get Dixon in your lineup yesterday
  3. While I do agree with what you are saying, I have to start 2 of Jones @ CHI Adams @ LAR Mack V DAL & Smith V ARI so Josh Adams is possibly getting a start from me. DVOA numbers are interesting for the Rams. Rams rush DEF DVOA is ranked 24, while pass DEF is ranked 6. This gives some credence to the idea that PHI should focus on the run game. The more important piece though might be LAR def against pass catching RB's. They rank 5th in DVOA defense against RB receivers, giving up 6.5 targets and only 29.3 yards per game to receiving RB's. If Pederson is as analytical as he wants us to believe this should mean another 15+ touch game for Adams.
  4. Wentz out. Have to wonder if this will lead to more focus on the run game. Hopefully Groh or Pederson will throw us a bone in the press conference. I will be listening.
  5. Im starting him this week, benched him last week for Trubisky (ew) but luckily Kittle saved me. Like that Im FLEXing Samuel and its a Monday night game so I always have 'hope". 14 team league. Also gives Cam an extra day of rest. Remember players always regress their mean performance. Its BOOM time in CAR!
  6. All these analytic guys think in the NFL teams do not pass enough and run too much based on expected yards per play and other similar stats where passing would have a higher EPA. What they are forgetting/cant model is the importance of clock control and ball control. DAL ran 99! plays to PHI 52. Thats 47 more plays that the eagle defense had to be on the field, making them more tired. Zeke touched the ball 40! times! The PHI D was gassed at the end of the game. Another thing I noticed, DAL controlled the ball nearly the entire OT. They possessed the ball for nearly 9 minutes. Even if DAL kicked the FG Eagles would have only had a minute or so left to get into FG range. Again, the importance of clock/ball control cannot be statistically accounted for but has huge impact on the game. Small sample size but PHI is 2-0 when Adams get 20, 4-7 when he doesnt. That 0-6 is now 0-7.
  7. Apparently there an opportunity for a long bomb TD in the 4th but Cam kind of underthrew him but Samuel still should have caught it. I havent seen that target yet but Ill post when I find it. He had another redzone target inside the 5 where they almost connected but the timing was off by a millisecond (saw that one). IMO Samuel looks good as an upside FLEX.
  8. Eagles deserved to lose this game. 5.1 YPC on the ground for the day, and Adams looked great on the first drive. Questions need to be answered..
  9. Im in a bit of a pickle this week deciding between Mack @ HOU or Adams @ DAL. Both are tough divisional matchups away with top 10 run defenses. Mack & Adams are somewhat the same type of player, average 15 carries on the ground and 1 or 2 targets if you are lucky. I really feel like its a toss up, and which ever one i pick will be out scored by the other. Given Colts all pro level C Ryan Kelly is out and Mack has struggled since hes been injured, Im leaning Adams. Would love to see Sean Lee come back and take some snaps away from Vander Esch but it doesnt look like hell be back this week. Bring me to the semis JA! Stand up 215!
  10. Its Wednesday, and he was limited. Pederson managing his reps. He'll play Sunday and have the same role (nervous about his production though) against the DAL front 7.
  11. Far from his best performance but im holding for another week in 14 teamer. Was surprised to see him play 64.4% of snaps last night. Dink and dunks are Thompson's forte.