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  1. Which do you prefer rest of season? Have both on my roster, but I need to drop one b/c of kicker and TE byes. Standard league. I've got good WR depth with Thielen & OBJ my starters and Hilton my flex. I started MVS last week b/c of byes and likely this week too -- but Kirk is also intriguing. Thoughts?
  2. ROS Carson vs. Lindsey

    Both on my team and have much more confidence in Lindsay.
  3. I like that Diggs gets a ton of targets.... The catches will follow.
  4. Ingram or Hyde ROS? WHIR

    Bump... Anyone else want to weigh-in?
  5. ROS QB: Watson or Trubisky?

    I agree... Watson.
  6. Both R. Cobb and G. Allison are (maybe) coming back from injury soon. I've had Allison on my bench the last few weeks... And just picked up Cobb as a FA. Who do you favor ROS? Standard league. Smart to roster both for a week or two and see how things shake out (at the expense of taking a flier on another RB or WR on my bench)? Thx!
  7. roster swapping ROS WHIR

    For WR, I've got high-hopes for Allison coming back strong and could be a good wait-and-see pickup.
  8. Need a little waiver advice. WHIR

    I'm considering Mostert too.... Not much RB upside available in my league and think he may become valuable this season. I think more likely Pats sign Gillislee than Barner becoming relevant.
  9. Ingram or Hyde ROS? WHIR

    Ooops, meant Suspension.
  10. I'm considering offering Hyde straight-up for Ingram. Thoughts? I also own Yeldon, but plan to hang on to him in case Fournette doesn't come back... I think Yeldon could still have some value. Would you break up Hyde-Yeldon for Ingram? Ingram didn't do much yesterday and I'm not sure he's coming back strong from injury. Thx!
  11. Funchess or mack WHIR

    Tough call but I think I'd go with Mack because he has more upside with his ability to catch passes in addition to being their lead RB this week.
  12. If Breida is healthy then I go with him because he's been solid all year. Yeldon struggled a bit last week.... And Cohen has obviously had two great weeks but given the other options I'd probably go with the longer track record.
  13. Which two WRs do you like for ROS? I have Allison and Coutee on my bench.... Considering dropping one of them and picking up Gabriel. Thoughts? I'm deep at WR with Thielen/OBJ/Hilton so this is to cover byes and injuries. When all three of those guys are healthy they have been my WR1/WR1/FLEX. I've used Yeldon as my RB FLEX the last couple of weeks, but that may not last depending on Fournette going foreward.
  14. Lindsay or HydE !? WHIR

    Agree with Hyde.