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  1. I'd also go Davis, he has wayyy more opportunities than Dixon.
  2. For full point PPR, I'd prefer to run with pettis or Samuel. I'd choose Samuel between the 2.
  3. Really been debating this all week....also have Gus Edwards but his ceiling scares me. This is a standard league, wondering who to have in flex, Sony or Mike? Thanks!
  4. If Gordon doesn't play, I'm going with Jackson all day.
  5. Hey all, I'm a Gordon owner and picked up Jackson. Would anyone feel comfortable with Jackson over Sony Michel or Gus Edwards? I think that Edwards has a low ceiling and I have a tough opponent this week and that Michel's matchup doesn't look good. Predictors are claiming a shootout for KC/LA so why not go with Jackson..? thanks,
  6. Hmm, interesting one. The Giants D has a very low floor but actually looked good against Chicago last week. Plus it's Sanchez and he looked fairly ineffective. However, I'd go with the Broncos D which has looked pretty good at times this season. Mullens seems to throw atleast one pick per game. I'd go with Denver only because they have more turnover potential than NY and that's where the points are at but it's a tough one.
  7. Yeah dude, I think I'm just wayy overthinking this.
  8. Hi all, Going with Michel and Mixon as my RB1/2 in a standard league. Mixon always concerns me. My other RB options are Jackson and Edwards. I have JuJu to put in my flex, do I need a reason to possibly put Edwards or Jackson in there instead? Thanks, WHIR
  9. Conner is done? Not what I have heard, is there info out there that states this?
  10. I like your WR's and probably lean Mixon and Johnson because of the matchups.
  11. I have good depth at RB position but am wondering if Ware has more potential value than: Tevin Coleman Gus Edwards (standard league) I'm leaning towards keeping Edwards but Coleman is an option.... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. right now, it would be AJG for me, let's see how the Ware situation plays out for the first week.
  13. Standard league, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex Options: RB: Joe Mixon, James Conner, Tevin Coleman, Sony Michel, Gus Edwards WR: Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans, JuJi, Josh Reynolds My thoughts: Tyreek and Evans are locks and I'm leaning towards Mixon and Conner as my RBs but what about the flex? I'm hearing a lot of praise for Edwards but I feel comfortable with JuJu. I think Sony or Coleman will have just decent games. Thanks!
  14. I'm leaning Mack but yeah, I think you are good either way.