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  1. For my flex.. 1/2 PPR league, I'm leaning towards Diggs since he has a better matchup it seems. Thanks, WHIR!
  2. Your WR depth is really good, I wouldn't be looking to trade for another WR.
  3. I'm on the Carson train as well right now.
  4. I'm okay with options 1 through 3, definitely not 4. I'm a Zeke fan though and just offered a trade to the Zeke owner in my league.
  5. Thanks, CT is who I was leaning towards.
  6. Both sides have their risks and upsides but I would probably pull the trigger on this just because Bell gets so much usage. Everyone has injury risk, so the whole argument that Bell is used so much he is more of an injury risk I just don't completely buy. I want the players with the highest usage amounts.
  7. Yes, it's been a brutal year for one of my teams in a 12 team 1/2 ppr league. Oh well, I still want to be competitive. Need help for my flex: Chris Thompson, Scary Terry, Sammy Watkins or Stefon Diggs.Also could pick up someone like Sanu or Auden Tate but that doesn't seem like an upgrade over what I currently have. Thanks, WHIR
  8. Hi all, Currently 0-4 and very frustrated, even though I thought my team was decent. This is a 12 team 1/2 point PPR league. My Team: Wentz - QB Chubb/Jones - RB 1/2 Thomas/Watkins - WR 1/2 Cook - TE Flex - Diggs Defense - Ravens/Packers Bench: Chris Thompson, Duke Johnson, Scary Terry, DJ Chark, Hunter Henry (still injured) Any players I should try to trade up for? Any obvious move I should make that I'm missing? Sorry if I'm being too vague but just very frustrated at 0-4. I would like to upgrade Watkins. Diggs has been a disappointment to date but I think better days are ahead. Thanks! WHIR!
  9. Gordon does seem like more of a sure thing than Williams.
  10. I have him in my flex over Boyd and Hollywood Brown because of these things.