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  1. i started Keenan Allen he scored like 10 points vs Mixon's 11. I ended up winning the championship by 6.9 points. I was up by 18.5 PPR with one player left for him Derrick Henry and I survived but i was sweatin' lol. there was a couple plays where Henry seemed like he was going to escape the defense and break out phewwww. thank you for all your help. It was my first fantasy football season and i didnt even watch football. but i fell in love with the sport and the process now
  2. championship stresssss lol Im playing Damian Williams now that ware is out. So it leaves me to decide between those 2
  3. I’m deciding between Damian, Keenan, and mixon. Do you guys think Williams will start and get most of the play for the chiefs? I know he just got the contract
  4. Championship week. Full point PPR. Its 2 Week championship and I am up by 10 points after the first week. Help me finish this off! I don't know if i should play Julio just so they rest him most of the game. Play Kamara? (most likely rested). Or keenan or Damian Williams now that ware is back? What changes would you make? All your feedback is always greatly appreciated thank you everyone! hoping to win it all in my first fantasy football league QB: Watson RB: J Williams RB: Mixon WR: Julio WR: Tyreek TE: Kelce FLEX: Keenan D: Bears K: Butker Bench: Kamara, Damian Williams, Baldwin, DJ, Mcguire, Baldwin, Ebron, OBJ (out)
  5. Same same same DJ and Michel. I have DJ on my bench but that’s only because I’m playing Kamara and Mixon
  6. Thoughts? side note. I’m so glad I sat rivers phewww
  7. Oh I think D will will get way more touches and better opportunities
  8. Championship week. Full point PPR. Allen coming off the injury, but he’s a beast. Almost lost last week when he dropped 0. Also if you suggest any lineup changes I’d greatly appreciate it. QB: Watson RB: Kamara RB: Mixon WR: Julio WR: Tyreek TE: Kelce FLEX: D. Williams D: Bears K: Butker Bench: Rivers, trubisky, Cohen, DJ, Keenan, Baldwin, Ebron thanks for your feedback everyone! i will gladly comment on yours as well.
  9. You don’t sit Tyreek. You have to play Tyreek he could blow up at any second. I’d say Tyreek and AB
  10. i was deciding between cam and rivers and im starting rivers