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  1. that's what I did. i just dropped Delanie Walker I am actually going into this weeks matchup without a tight end because of it. He was available and i didnt want to wait until better news came out because to try to get him off waivers i would be close to last on that list.
  2. I wouldn’t isnt the only reason McLaurin slowed down because of injury? But besides that he was killing it. You said it yourself he’s the first option on his team. mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/769059-am-i-giving-up-too-much/
  3. Your giving up depth but you have the depth to do it I’d say yes, maybe you can get another player in return too. Mine?
  4. A lot of people think highly of singletary and you are selling low on Tate I wonder if you can target a better RB for what you are giving up? I think it’s a fair trade but slightly in their favor maybe you can find one in yours
  5. For sure. Giving: Boyd, Kirk, and Delanie walker. Receiving: Zach ertz or Giving: Adam thielen, walker receiving: Zach ertz which trade is the better one to make and am I giving up too much?
  6. Thinking of offering either Boyd, Christian Kirk, and Walker for ertz or thielen and walker for ertz. im only doing this because my wide receivers consist of Adams, tyreek, thielen, Boyd, Kirk, and crowder. its ppr we play 2 wide receivers and a flex. leave a link and I’ll help too
  7. i would try juju and one of your TE's. i currently have the same dilemma trying to aquire ertz lol
  8. idk if juju is enough. i am trying to get him too and feel like i will have to offer boyd or thielen plus my te walker and maybe a third player just to make it look like a huge package. thats just my league though ive been trying
  9. a huge NO. i just traded to aquire saquon hold onto him.
  10. thats tough. leveon gets the volume but aaron jones will get so many more opportunities for touchdowns because of how much better the offense is. i would almost lean jones but not by much.
  11. man idk i have kamara and i think i might do it for mccafrey. fair trade either way
  12. and saquon is already running and doing sprints and stuff so i jumped on it before more news came out about his improving condition.
  13. i think it might take carson and fitz/tyrell. I just traded bell, winston, and michell for saquon, thielen, and daniel jones just to give you an idea.