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  1. Yes, I'm starting him. ...I'm also starting Sony in another league.
  2. I submit Danny Amandola for your perusal.
  3. OUCH!!!! haha...well, even a blind nut gets a squirrel every now and then.
  4. Hmmmm...maybe I should listen to a press conference from earlier in the week. I'm sure he talked all about it. :^)
  5. There's White, Burkhead, Michel, Devlin...and some other guy who I'm not sure isn't injured. This isn't really about which of these guys I should start. Rather, I'd like this to be about what you guys see as the game plan for the Patriots today against Miami. Here are some facts (and assumptions) I'm going with...and seeking a conclusion: The Pats are a great team. The Fins are a terrible team. The Pats will look to get up big early, and in order to keep the clock rolling to get out of dodge quickly will look to run the ball a lot in the 2nd half. I'm not saying the Pats will take the Dolphins lightly...but I think they just want the win - as ugly as it might be. If you have any other assumptions or facts to add, please do. So with all that, What do you think the RB situation looks like today? Will Devlin get a heavy workload? Without the need to pass the ball much, will that cut into White and Burkhead's need to play? Do they look to get Sony Michel going? What do you guys think? Mods, if this should be in the Assistant Coach Forum, please move it. I didn't think it really fit there, as it's more about the Pats game plan for their RB's...but do as you must.
  6. I tend to agree. I mean "far and away" might be pushing it. But on paper, yeah - to me he's the obvious choice.
  7. I totally agree with what Frog34 said. And he gets a lot of targets. But if you have a better option than Woods, and you think the Saints will shut him down...that's your choice.
  8. I wouldn't expect either of them to "take over". I think both will have considerable play time and scoring chances. It's only a matter of whether or not you want to start a guy that will be sharing carries. ...until one of them gets injured, of course.
  9. ^^ This. I consider Moncrief to be so bad that I'm not sure he even deserves an "outlook" thread. That's pretty harsh, and I suspect that at some point down the road a desperate opponent will start him and get 25 points against me...but still, I'm no scout - but I could tell long ago that he's not a good player.
  10. I would imagine that Freeman is a better option than any other RB on your waiver wire (depending on the depth of your league). If you're looking for RB depth, I think he's a fine addition. Drop Guice (he'll be out for a few weeks, I believe). Ross will likely be hit or miss from week to week. I could understand you dropping either of those guys.
  11. Yes, their ACTUAL defense is great. But fantasy-wise?...just average. They don't get you an abundance of points off turnovers, or sacks, or punt returns (if you have D/ST designations) or anything like that. Just average.