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  1. I disagree. One of the "skills" involved in FF is to have the foresight to DRAFT possible studs-in-the-making...or at least to be mindful to draft a good handcuff or rookie. Picking up a breakout guy on the waiver wire usually requires you to have a crappy previous week, thereby giving you a top shot at the breakout player. I can't be the only one that finds this very annoying.
  2. Oh, you're absolutely right...and I usually don't trust them. But last season I had D. Lewis, who did well. This year, White was the man. It was obvious that when White was implemented heavily in the game plan, the Pats offense did well. Heck, even Brady made some nice positive remarks about White. I just couldn't quit him.
  3. No love yet for Chris Carson, eh? I was actually leaning towards him at the moment...but yeah, it's early.
  4. I have R. Woods in the 7th; C. Carson in the 8th A. Luck in the 9th. ...I also have Hunt in the 6th, next draft will be his last year I can have him as my keeper.
  5. Boom! We have a winner. He did a nice job for me. But when Burkhead came back and Develin started playing more (for what reason?)...that was the end.
  6. Getting warmer. One of these is the right team, but wrong position.
  7. Nope. Another hint: although you can sometimes find a gem (or 2) for this team at this certain position during the's best to just stay away at the beginning of the season until the gem emerges...and then shelve him later in the season when, again, there are just too many other options at this position.
  8. nope...but I did have him in the neighborhood league. We don't have kickers in the work league.
  9. In 2 of my 3 leagues I had the top team: 12 team work league - I lost the 1st game of the season and ran the table, also scoring the most points. I then lost to the #8 seed in the playoffs. 12 team neighborhood league - #1 seed in the league, lost in 1st round of the playoffs. Now, I don't want to blame 1 player...because, you know...EVERY player could have had more points. But this guy had a great year and then put up a stinker in a playoff week. I'll give you another reason (and hint) why I don't blame the player. It's because I blame the coach. First correct guess wins...NOTHING!
  10. I'm down by about 2. I have Diggs. He has Theilen. ... at least there's a possibility.
  11. Note to self: next season, use and abuse your Pats RB's until about week 10...then have a fire sale!