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  1. He is 4-6 on 30 ft + shots in post season (and one was a half court heave), how is that a bad shot?
  2. for me personally 1. Harden 2. AD (pending move) 3. Giannis 4. Towns 5. Durant (pending move) 6. Curry 7. Jokic 8. George 9. Lillard 10. Kawhi 11. Beal (no wall) 12. Irving 13. Embiid
  3. I won the championship (barely) and 500 bucks my 3rd championship in a row (money league), but I think I am done with fantasy basketball. Too many primadonnas and bull**** excuses these days.
  4. If Kawhi leaves next season where are we drafting this guy???????
  5. I am playing against Josh Richardson and Anthony Davis... but my team has choked so bad this week.... Please win lol
  6. How many games do you guys think he will play this week?
  7. LeBron FT%, Turnovers, and likely missed games for rest of career = no go for me in top 8