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  1. I will draft him #1 next season if I am lucky enough. This season is an anomaly.
  2. I will never complain if someone plays 40 minutes.
  3. I got my last game with Dotty today, dropped him for the rest of the week and next week for Delon Wright. 2 games next week = no thanks and wanted to jump on Wright before someone else picked him up, it was a good run.
  4. I'm in for sure. Hopefully he produces he will get all the opportunity in the world.
  5. Jon Issac is far from a player worth rostering for 2 games.
  6. I am going down with this ship. Win or lose #LeVertSZN
  7. Not dropping but I'm coasting in first do decision might be harder for others
  8. Someone dropped him today before the game because of bench rumors... Should I use #1 waiver on him? I am easily in first and coasting to playoffs, I would drop SGA
  9. He is going to be a stud down the stretch.... bump this when he does or doesn't
  10. I mean IT and Harris are due back any time