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  1. I mean IT and Harris are due back any time
  2. If Isaac is on any FA pool your league is trash
  3. Watched his first game back, he looked explosive as ever.
  4. He won't play late in season every game, he is already injury prone and they aren't going to risk it closer to end of season. I mean he goes back to locker room almost every single game over a bump or bruise.
  5. Gasol is one of the best passers in the league, Siakam cuts are going to be DEADLY.
  6. Trades can be announced up to an hour after deadline is some cases. Plus buyouts etc.
  7. Shai is being underrated here, if they are tanking now (obviously) they are going to play their future franchise player according to the coach a lot no?
  8. Supposedly lakers are using extra roster spot for a player that will be bought out... Kanter?
  9. I've hit my weekly limit, damn this sucks. How do you guys rank these following players after deadline Shai Alexander Delon Wright
  10. Zubac and Beasley to clippers for Muscala
  11. I am maxed out of moves this week but if he is available on Monday i am scooping him up right away.
  12. 50 more mins doubt anymore big moves though.
  13. Marc Gasol supposedly going to Toronto.....
  14. He is their best player and he's young they are going to play him more if anything the longer we go to let him develop
  15. hahahhahaha I hope one of 2 things happens 1. Boston screws over NOLA and revokes "promise" 2. Boston trades Tatum/Brown/Picks for AD and then lose Kyrie to NY or Lakers and then Davis leaves next off season leaving them with literally nothing.