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  1. He will be better when Love gets back.
  2. That is absolute s--- compared to the Lakers deal
  3. Haven't changed my fantasy team name from #LeVertSZN Now its time boys!!!!
  4. And then AD will leave after 1 season and Celtics will be without any young players other than Rozier. He has stated he doesn't want to go there and his father has talked s--- on the organization, I hope they trade for him lolÂ
  5. Since John Collins is definitely a household, business growing name.
  6. I really hope if Pelicans refuse that Lakers offer (which is generous) Boston trades for AD in off season (tatum, brown, 2-3 1sts) and then Kyrie leaves and AD leaves the following off season leaving them with nothing. That would be grand.
  7. Just keep Lonzo with Holiday that is actually a good back court.... Lonzo ain't gonna do s--- I dare him to sit out he doesn't have that type of respect around the league to pull something like that.
  8. Ima laugh if they wait then trade him to Boston in off season, Kyrie leaves and they trade away Tatum and Brown..... and then AD goes to LA in off season.... Boston would have Morris and Rozier.... lmao !
  9. AD does not want to play for Boston period. His ******** dad came out and even said some s---, you think AD wasn't aware he was going to say that?
  10. So Hart would be biggest winner with KCP coming up 2nd..... (assuming Zubac is already owned)
  11. dropped him since i had slo mo coming back from IR... was gonna hold and leave slo mo on IR til i could do a trade since im in first but thomas sucks in this situation, made the move.
  12. I have this f---er and Gary Harris. f--- my life.
  13. Just because this thread is 27 pages and I am in first place easily I picked him up and will be keeping him for the next 3 weeks hoping for the hype of this thread to come true.
  14. If LeVert did not get injured, he would be neck and neck with Siakam imo.
  15. He will be good ROS regardless of Dragic imo.
  16. We get it, you missed out on picking him up.
  17. SAC are not contenders lol. Buddy buckets is nice though.