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  1. Is this guy a ROS add? or will it come back once Lin etc come back?
  2. Picked him up, hope he gets minutes and atleast some helpful stats, saturday minutes were encouraging enough for me.
  3. I am sure they give a damn about your fantasy team dude.
  4. Why is anyone holding this guy and how does he have 21 pages ... Hahahaha
  5. LeVert would be in top 50 easily if he wasn't injured imo. He was getting better and better and was clutch as hell.
  6. Realistically what are you guys thoughts about his projections for lets say 2 weeks after he returns and for fantasy playoffs (which he should have plenty of time and be healed all the way up) ?
  7. yikes don't like that look of that at all.
  8. He left the bench and went to the locker room during the 4th he was so mad..