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  1. I dropped him for Dedmon, the coach hates him he barely got 8 minutes in first half and thats without Love and Dekker in the lineup, too much of a headache for me game to game.
  2. I just added him to IR because why not haha I am going to leave him there and not drop anyone even when he's healthy and see whats he's got.
  3. Well he didn't start so yeah....and then Booker got injured so my comment still stands....?
  4. This guy was a FA and I am kicking myself for not picking him up, damnit.
  5. I know its weird to say, but I think he would be better if Booker played tbh.
  6. Man if levert didnt get hurt between levert and siakam off fa pool I'd be set. I'll settle for just siakam though.
  7. Picked him up, not expecting much if he doesn't perform I'll drop him
  8. Trading the #1 pick for Ariza who expires after this season... yikes.
  9. Most over hyped fantasy prospect/player of 2018
  10. The thing is all the shots Gordon usually takes were freed up today.
  11. And he had 3 bad turnovers in the last 3 mins of a close game.
  12. Give him atleast 2 more weeks to get back to game speed and then we will see
  13. Dude it's like his 3rd game back since last season.....
  14. soft as baby s--- right now, i want embiid back.
  15. Do this every night and I will be more than happy.