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  1. I'm looking to join a dynasty league, I'm involved with one more but I'd like to do another now that I've had more free time. Feel free to reply here or message me with details, I'm willing to do either a free league or paid. Also willing to take over any orphan teams as well.
  2. I have 3 first rounders by the way so giving away one won’t kill me.
  3. As stated above, I will be giving these two away, but I’m needing some suggestions if value check as it being my first dynasty season. His team consists of QB: Lamar Jackson, J Winston, Mathew Stafford RBs: kamara, Chubb, tevin Coleman, T Cohen and L Murray . WRs: Diggs AB, D Baldwin, TY Hilton, Julio Jones, Chris Conley, James Washington, Albert Wilson TE: Kittle, Engram, D Harris, and Everett and my team is QB: Sam Darnold, FitzMagik, Foles and Taysom Hill RBs: Kerryeon Johnson, Devonta Freeman, and McKinnon Wrs: Odell, Doctson, Ted Ginn, Kirkwood, D Jax, Kumerow, I McKenzie, Pettis, Curtis Samuel, Sutton and BoBo Wilson(I have a feeling about him) TE: Doyle, H Henry, Graham Im after Chubb for sure but if I’m giving away Odell, I need more value
  4. Couldn’t have done it without y’all, Caught the win and won my very first league in my second season. You’ll see me stick around and hopefully I’ll get to know y’all as the seasons go on. Super glad I found this site and forum This year But for now, thanks for teaching me some important lessons this season and a thanks to Damien Williams for the .4 points I needed to win.
  5. Update, I have another guy. One of my league mates that is also interested in getting one started.
  6. I’m new to dynasty and I’m in one league that’s dynasty but I took it over from previous owner. I’d like a very active league with a lot of talk and just overall activity. Nothing is perfect but I just won my season long league and felt season long was too easy finishing my second fantasy season. My email is so please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you asap
  7. I need help on who to start, my only locks are my QB and RB, 1 player each position and 3 flex w defense and kicker and bonus points for return yardage. QB: Mayfield Rb: Chubb WR: A Roberts TE: Sprinkle flex 1: D Williams flex 2: E McGuire fkex 3: Williams D/st: Browns k: Hauschka bench: Ballage Zenner J adams C Herndon I McKenzie C Paterson CJ Anderson
  8. Baker mayfield nick chubb Hamilton gerald everett elijah mcguire jamaal Williams ballage browns D hauscka VS aaron rodgers sony Michel kittle julio keenan Allen lamar miller hopkins cowboys D fairbairn
  9. It’s all good, I have Hamilton for back up
  10. My team in ppr consisted of mayfield chubb D Carter (punt and kr yard bonus) justin Jackson williams mcguire Washington D and kicker. My points varies from everyone else due to the scoring rules but by base points, I only scored 4.5 points than a standard ppr line up. I hit 126.9
  11. Isiah McKenzie, fast gadget player and even stepped into the backfield to carry the ball Ive heard. Mostly add for return yardage leagues but worth a look in ppr leagues. Had gotten injured in week 15 but returned to game. If desperate enough, keep an eye on his injury report.
  12. As always, attach your link with your feedback and I’ll help with my insight. Scoring info: PPR with return yardage bonus, distance bonus for kickers Starters this week and their points for this week Baker Mayfield 12.1pts nick chubb 10pts D Carter( Houston) 12.7 d Goedart 3.2 pts D Williams 30.3 pts J Jackson 17.5 pts e McGuire 14.1 pts WSH D/ST 16 pts D Hopkins(Kicker) 11pts Bench: J Winston 4.3 pts D Hamilton 11.6 pts CLD D/ST 9 pts NYG D/ST 2 pts K Coutee N/A M LaCrosse 8.3 pts I Mckenzy 15.7 pts I should win this week due to only kamara on the other team and up 33.8 points. Any recommendations/ pickups or matchup info is greatly appreciated!
  13. I appreciate the feedback everyone, not counting him out at all to put up a good amount of points, however barring that, I’m set up for finals. I opted for a abnormal stategy this season and it payed off but of course always worried about being kamara’ d lol
  14. As an opponent to a Kamara owner, should I be worried about him producing more than 33.8 points in ppr? My players are already done but just looking for some insight from people who are knowledgeable with his trends.
  15. still flexing so when MG blows his knee out, I’ll still get points
  16. Solid flex even if they account for Jackson in the KC game plan which I don’t see them taking him very heavily. They’re more than likely going to focus all their attention on covering Allen, which might work with Eric Berry to return. Possible scenario and worth a start if you’re feeling desperate. Better position than anything on the wire rn.
  17. I watched the game, he’s getting the money shots at the end zone, almost got two tonight but coverage was all over him. He caught one but was well out of bounds, and the second was well defended. I like his targets and Wilson’s targets to him when he was opted to throw. In a game where they face a problem with running, I’m trusting with a flex spot. Opportunity with how athletic and the end zone targets, but He’s was on the field for a good amount of time. Idk how a healthy Baldwin how he fares but Definitely on my choice of flexes coming up.