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  1. 2017 WORLD SERIES - Astros V Dodgers

    Amen! Well said! Name a few bad dudes and forget the good guys, and consider the whole team a bunch of thugs. I'm so glad the Stros won, love those guys...Man, did Springer deserve the MVP or what? Dude flat out raked when it counted most. If you can't find yourself rooting for Altuve, it is hard for me to think someone is even a fan of baseball. Of course just my opinion....
  2. Jonathan Schoop 2017 Outlook

    A good guy, I like him....I recall looking at the metrics a lot earlier in the season, and then they were screaming this may be a special season.
  3. Luke Weaver 2017 Outlook

    Music to my ears too....Love this kid!
  4. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Fair enough, but where there is no Moss there is Gronk, though different, who knows how it may turn out, considering the weapons Brady will have to work with. One thing is for sure, IMO, Brady is the guy I want with all these weapons...Wish I had did more research before posting in the bold thread..Still like Carr too. Another subject, pardon me.
  5. Alex Wood 2017 Outlook

    Yeah, he's injured alright...Kershaw was injured too, and Strasburg, and Mad Max, and Yu Darvish...Hell, Bellinger is hurt too...Next will be JJ Phantom.
  6. 2017 Bold Predictions Thread

    If it's a bad call in a bold thread I hope some will give me some slack. Now, if I go making calls and preaching it like it is money in the bank, that's different and deserves criticism. I haven't played fantasy football in three years, I'm sure I will be rusty, but good research is like WD-40.
  7. 2017 Bold Predictions Thread

    I like it considering I think his QB will be the top QB in fantasy football for the 17 season. Just for the record, I think Carr is the top QB for the 2017 FB season. Bold? Not the boldest of predictions, but one that will actually be correct, making some think when did Nostradamus start playing fantasy football.
  8. Luke Weaver 2017 Outlook

    Looks like he will take Wainwright's place in the rotation and face the Padres.....Maybe Wednesday?
  9. Max Scherzer 2017 Outlook

    And the phantom injury strikes again.....
  10. Tim Beckham 2017 Season Outlook

  11. Yu Darvish 2017 Outlook

    Starsburg is another...I thought maybe it was just me, but my thinking is these teams with big leads are protecting those arms.
  12. Tim Beckham 2017 Season Outlook

    To say this dude is hot is a understatement.
  13. Chad Bettis 2017 Outlook

    ^Agree. The way he was treated by the Rockies during this difficult time was class act stuff'.
  14. 2017 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Marc Carig‏Verified account @MarcCarig 2m2 minutes ago So, this deal is done. Walker to Brewers.
  15. Aaron Nola 2017 Outlook

    FYI, Jim Salisbury‏Verified account @JSalisburyCSN 2h2 hours ago Threatening weather has Phillies considering starting game w reliever. Nola would come in when rain passes. Rain could hit 7:45 ish Any word if they decided on above? That is, if anyone has heard...