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  1. Smokes too much weed, doesn't care....
  2. Great post, RSN! I just love reading your breakdown of pitchers, the good and the bad. IMO, you're one the best poster's around. Of course I can hit the like button and move on, but guys like you make RW a valuable place for knowledge, and the stuff you write is very much appreciated. I'm sure many agree, even the Yankee fans....hehe
  3. Most guys coming off the DL won't be thrown right back in as closer. *Most managers ease them back into that role....So what exactly did you expect, for him to come off the DL, be put back in as closer, and strike out 3?
  4. All players should hustle, every damn play. I don't care if he's Mike Trout, which you'll never have to worry about that guy not hustling. A game was lost yesterday because a player didn't hustle, or had his head every where except the game, most likely both. All that being said, I agree with you.
  5. I love when Brock does this. Creates a thread about a player, most know very little about, tells the RW community with the thread, follows him every game posting his stats (good or bad)....Brock, correct me if I'm wrong, Andy Dirks, ring a bell?
  6. BlueJays pretty much answered this, but a good question, and just think Kazmir may be back soon. I just keep hearing on MLB the Dodgers want another starting pitcher....I have no source and haven't even read anything about Gray going to the Dodgers, just gut feeling Dodgers land a very good pitcher, when rumors suggesting another team. Another note; If Britton can prove to be healthy and the Dodgers land him, Dodger bullpen will be off the charts.
  7. Love having Pedroia and Betts - small guys who play BIG time! Both have incredible eyes and just can flat out rake! Probably safe to say two of my favorites. / CSB
  8. The Dodgers will probably snag one of these pitchers. I wouldn't be shocked if Gray went to the Dodgers.
  9. Add Peacock, and considering what he's doing this year, that's a pretty damn strong rotation.
  10. @Zig Zag, to update what I posted yesterday: Kela (shoulder) is expected to be activated from the 10-day disabled list Thursday, T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com reports. Kela didn't experience any issues during his bullpen session Tuesday and had no complications while throwing off flat ground Wednesday either, so it appears the right-hander's health is sound after a sore shoulder sidelined him for about three weeks. Earlier in the week, manager Jeff Banister seemed to dismiss the idea of Kela needing a rehab assignment before being activated, so it appears likely that the 24-year-old will be available out of the bullpen for the Rangers' series finale with the Orioles on Thursday. While Alex Claudio has picked up the Rangers' lone two saves since Matt Bush was removed from the closing role in late June, Claudio is hardly entrenched as the ninth-inning man, so look for Kela to merit consideration for those duties upon returning. Kela was arguably the Rangers' top reliever prior to hitting the DL, compiling a 2.64 ERA, 0.88 WHIP and 42 strikeouts in 30.2 innings.
  11. Latest I've read is we find out tomorrow. Bullpen session yesterday, rest today, see how he feels tomorrow. Feels good, activation is likely.
  12. https://www.purplerow.com/2017/7/19/15995006/colorado-rockies-david-dahl-injury-rehab-update-progress-news-notes
  13. Thomas Harding‏Verified account @harding_at_mlb 49s49 seconds ago #Padres television believes #Rockies CF Charlie Blackmon's injury was to left hamstring. But we'll see when official announcement comes. Should have known after my huge night last night this would happen..Never fails! Charlie and Parra been killing it!
  14. Makes total sense to pitch Doolittle in the 9th with the lefites due up...Lefties 0/23 against Doolittle in 2017.
  15. Dude is on fire!!! Destroying the ball!