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  1. I'm keeping my eye on Chase Anderson. His next start is the Braves.
  2. I think lots of the improvement comes from going to Pittsburgh. Still in NY, doubt you see the pitcher you're seeing now. Pitching to contact, PNC park etc..
  3. You post some good stuff and seem to be a advance metrics guy...I'm curious how do you feel about Lynn's fip, xfip currently being in the 4's? Strand rate seems good, though BABIP is .210. Too early to make much out of those stats?
  4. It is obvious there is skill here, but his BABIP is currently .455. What exactly are people expecting here? Riding a hot hand, or wishing full time player, with 5 cat skills, at a cheap price?
  5. No disrespect, but that's been the case for a few years now. Hell, does he even throw 87?
  6. He reminds me of Braun, His swing I mean.
  7. One of my favorites. I think the K rate improves as the season goes. Barring injury, (God forbid) the summer months he explodes. More home runs, less K's.. Whispers of not just come back player of the year, but MVP...Imagine that!
  8. I agree. Not a easy place to pitch.
  9. I'm a bit surprised many think he's done, and maybe he is, but the advance metrics show a not so lucky pitcher. A pitcher whose ERA should be around 3 or lower. A small sample size indeed. The Hard% is concerning.
  10. Way to hang tough. Probably done for the evening. Need a run or two. Nice game!
  11. There's one run for my boy Manaea....Let's go!
  12. Get him some run support. Please? Thank you.
  13. Having a nice night.
  14. If anyone can weather the storm, the Dodgers should be able to. The difference in payrolls is almost 70 million. Just think, that's more than the whole payroll for the Rays and Brewers.
  15. I just didn't need this. I won't even get a point out of him...