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  1. Hitting 2nd in that Angel lineup and he's raking.....In a points league that counts K's against the hitter, I'll take it...
  2. Paxton (forearm) threw four innings in a rehab start for Double-A Arkansas on Friday night and is expected to rejoin the rotation Wednesday, MLB.com reports. Paxton threw 55 pitches and allowed two runs on five hits. His control was sharp, as he didn't walk a batter. Paxton was lights out in six starts before hitting the disabled list (1.43 ERA, 0.88 WHIP), and he looks like he's in fine form as he nears his return.
  3. Yep...Pretty impressive when you go 4-4 against C-Mart. The triple was off a 98 fastball. Not sure about the others.
  4. 5 hits against Arrieta tonight. All on the fastball.
  5. Plus, that Dodger bullpen is pretty good. If the Dodgers can stay healthy, and Hill can get his crap in gear, you'll see the Dodgers and Stros in the WS.
  6. I posted that on page 16. If nothing changes, he'll pitch in Seattle on the 31st against Colorado.
  7. I really thought Alonso would play tonight. Not even taking BP. What is interesting is he was on MLB this morning and never mentioned the wrist. http://www.sfchronicle.com/athletics/article/Yonder-Alonso-out-of-A-s-lineup-again-bench-11176792.php?t=ffdf1eb61f&cmpid=twitter-premium Might better get a MRI on that wrist if he's still having pain.....May have a hairline fracture and doesn't even know it. Swelling can cause x-ray readings to be difficult, especially when looking for a hairline fracture. I bring up hairline fracture because they can be very painful.
  8. Okay...Didn't seem to bother Mike Leake.
  9. Some way, some how, this dude will be playing every day...If anything, he's cemented himself in that lineup with the way he's played recently...This dude is raking and hitting leadoff...Yeah. $$$$$$$$!
  10. I'll be honest, I don't have all the answers, but I think Maddon really likes this kid and will stick with him, even if he struggles, Remember, protecting Rizzo. That's a lot faith in a young kid coming up from the minors, regardless who he is...
  11. Looks like there is an issue with the 12 o'clock games far as scoring....I just realized I'm talking to myself......Long night last night. Wow!
  12. Anybody else having issues with CBS Fantasy Game Center?
  13. Even though Hill may have been squeezed, Leake is rolling and has zero walks. Roberts isn't happy one single bit with Hill after this start.
  14. I'm not going to stay up to worry about this sh!t...Every time you turnaround somebody is getting hurt. You would think baseball is football.
  15. If you didn't start him tonight, I doubt you have the balls to start him @ Colorado. I'm really puzzled too how the metrics scream regression, and start after start dude is pretty much successful. What, one not so good game against the Marlins so far this season? One thing is for sure, Lynn is a very good fastball pitcher.