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  1. Considering facing Boston in Boston normally *most* would sit unless their pitcher is an ace. This year so far is a little different, considering the Red Sox have really struggled coming out of the gate. What is interesting too me is, if you're a fan of Fan Graphs and advance stats (*most around here are big fans) I'm not sure you would even consider sitting Boyd. Though early, Boyd's advance stats suggest Boyd is a very good pitcher right now. Boyd's ERA is 2.96, fip is 1.65. and xfip is 2.60. Oh his siera is 2.83, BABIP is .345 and swstr% is 16.1. Are you chasing the talent, or the matchup? I'll be honest, I will probably end up benching Boyd, and have no really good argument why, besides I think Sale is going to have a monster game soon, showing the baseball world nothing major is wrong with him. And see, that argument isn't a very good one, and has nothing to do with Boyd.
  2. Probably trying to play through the hamstring injury. That bat will heat up. Dude is a stud! Period!
  3. I think I'm dropping this dude. First rehab game: 2-4, with a home run. https://www.milb.com/gameday/clippers-vs-bats/2019/04/16/575230#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=575230
  4. Coming into this game though early, D-Backs was hitting lefties pretty well. I'm not disappointed at all. Now the Braves bullpen, that's another story. I'm speaking about tonight. blowing Fried's win.
  5. Year before last he had some back issues? I'm starting to ponder if his back is bothering him, *could* explain his release point problem, or maybe not. I've always heard once you start having back problems it can stick with you.
  6. Faced the heart of the lineup, threw 11 pitches, 9 for strikes, K'ed all 3. Impressive!
  7. Garver is hitting lead-off tonight for the Twins. The catcher! You know, I'm liking Baldelli.
  8. Braves have always played him tough. His fastball was missing by inches, Close but no cigar. Didn't even throw the changeup till the 2nd time through the order. I'm disappointed as anyone of the last two starts, but then again you have to ponder 26 QS? I mean it is hard to be great and even harder to maintain it for a long period of time,IMO.
  9. 3 starts in 4 games. I'll take it. Of course my league carries 2 catchers.
  10. Alex Gordon is doing alright. Check out the metrics, though the sample size is small.
  11. Mark Bowman ‏Verified account @mlbbowman McCann sees a young Cole Hamels in Max Fried, who believes he greatly benefitted from last year’s experience as a reliever
  12. https://www.mlb.com/braves/news/starting-rotation-depth-a-strength-for-braves