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  1. Goes to show you how short life is...Make every minute count. Dude was unique. Went from single A to the Majors. How often does that happen, especially for a pitcher? One of my favorites, who will truly be missed. God Bless his family during this difficult time. RIP.
  2. Turner on roids and a turbo tied to his back , he's not faster than Bolt......haha. Still, Turner's speed is impressive.
  3. Love Diaz for the Red Birds....
  4. KB has been known for his share of drops since his FSU days...My point, not sure how much is rust and how much is well, KB just being KB. Don't misunderstand me, still a good receiver, and improving your ability to catch the football can get better...Jerry Rice did so.
  5. Yeah, must be football season now...The game this dude pitched tonight and nobody has posted anything.....CG 1 ER. I'll take that all day long.
  6. Of course he doesn't play today, but his next 6 starts he has some good numbers against some good pitchers. Against Greinke not so great, but does have a HR against. vs Z. Greinke (R) .214, 1 HR vs R. Ray (L) .500 vs J. Hammel (R) .500 vs J. Lester (L) .500 vs J. Arrieta (R) .500 vs K. Hendricks (R) .667
  7. When dude hits, you hear that special sound....Just destroys the ball!
  8. Don't take this the wrong way, and I know many assume everyone knows most of the players they mention, but posting the team of the player your suggesting picking up is helpful.
  9. Won't be surprised if he gets hot here real soon. The next 6 pitchers he is scheduled to face he has good numbers against.
  10. So let me guess, everyone and their mom starts him against the Padres and he gets rocked? Baseball can mess with your head some kind of crazy some times.
  11. Not sure how successful Hendricks will be in Colorado tonight, but the question I keep asking myself is can the Rockies pitcher slow down that Cubs offense? Meaning, even if Hendricks struggles, the Cubs offense may bail him out in this one. Maybe I'm just trying to find a reason to start Hendricks, and feel good about it..... My gut is bothering me on this one and says start..My brain says don't be dumb...
  12. I probably should have used different words. My understanding is not many expected him to get the call this year, and you don't see many expecting a whole lot this year as we saw with Bregman before he came up. I'll admit I don't follow prospects like I use to....
  13. There is no hype train and I think I might take a shot here. Some times these are the dudes who really surprise right out of the gate.
  14. This dude is going to get paid....
  15. I like this call. Metrics look pretty good too. I guess my only concern is being stretched out, which looks like he should be able to go at least 100 pitches if need be tomorrow night. Pitching in Cincy, not my favorite ballpark to start a pitcher.