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  1. Sample size is small but his hard% is @ 61%. HUbba bubba!
  2. I love RW. I've been here for years, though I don't post year-round, mostly just baseball season. I value many people's opinions and try to respect even the opinions I don't agree with. What one says in these forums can vary a lot just because of league settings. No disrespect, if we all agree all the time this fantasy baseball thing would be very boring.
  3. Actually, the guy who owns Soroka in my league hates the Braves and it kills me. Metrics isn't a proven science this is true. Tell me this TBBT, would you trade Soroka for Caleb Smith? You'll probably say no because Smith pitches for the Marlins? I'm curious what your answer is and why.
  4. Dude listen up. I love the kid. The kid is smart, can pitch and his composure is incredible, beyond belief, IMO.., but some of the advance metrics *right now* you can't just ignore. Of course some regression is likely, and you should never rule out a selling price because you or nobody else knows what someone may offer. All it takes is a bad day, the right moment. and a offer too good to refuse. And don't for a minute tell me there is no offer good enough to sell Soroka and I'm probably a bigger fan of him than you are. And I said pondering of selling because IMO, you should keep all eyes wide-open and ears never closed.
  5. If it were me, I would really follow the beat writers tonight and especially early tomorrow on *any* comment why the Braves used Newcomb tonight. It may help shed some light on what Snitker was/is thinking. I understand some play in leagues people make moves on a dime, on anything that may turn into a possibility, which means you may not have time to follow what the beat writers are saying.
  6. Interesting. The save Jackson blew the other night was the most unlucky stuff you can imagine against the Brew Crew. Find it hard to believe Jackson lost his job due to that game.
  7. I think anyone who has watched Soroka pitch expected him to roll tonight. Kid is good, but those pondering of selling could be wise, of course depends on what you land. I like the Braves I probably wouldn't sell. Yeah, guess I'm a homer!
  8. Just to elaborate more on his start last night far as velocity etc. Missions Beat Writer‏ @BriggsMissions Pitcher Jimmy Nelson pitches well in his third rehab appearance for the Missions. He went 5 and 2/3 scoreless. Gave up three singles. Struck out eight and walked one. Fastball in the 92-93 range on high end. 86 pitches, 54 for strikes. @Jimmy_J_Nelson @Brewers @missionsmib
  9. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/tommy-la-stella-is-doing-mike-trout-like-things/
  10. Man! I love me some Tommy La Stella! Pretty sure Pujols and Trout have had a few conversations with this guy and it has paid off Big time!
  11. Playing your home games @ Miller park (as a hitter) is a plus if nothing else. Thanks to all these guys all over this. Again, reason I love RW.