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  1. The touches are now there but the fantasy points aren't. I think this past Sunday is going to be the type of games the Bears are going to play alot of this year. The chances for TD's are going to be few and far between for him.
  2. People are funny, as we see with the Montgomery thread and others it's so quick to say "It's not his fault, but..." Fantasy is about points, not about how you look or why you are doing good or doing poorly. This is a complete disaster for those of us who took this guy, whether it's his fault, the QB's fault, the OC's fault it's just ugly and I don't see much upside this year. Going to be unloading for likely another disappointing player this week.
  3. This is spot on. I was someone heavily invested in Sanders and ya the truth hurts. At this point he has some stand-alone flex appeal with some real nice upside should Howard get hurt. So that means he is Rashad Penny, so that is how I'd view him going forward.
  4. Adams has lit up way better corners than Harris. The guy faced Fuller(x2), Rhodes(x2), Slay(x2), Howard, White, Peterson, Gilmore, Peters and Norman and was the #1 WR last year.
  5. I'm a little concerned that Rodgers is in the process of transitioning from an all-world QB to just an excellent or very good qb, plus they have a good defense and a good rb for the first time in ages. The shootouts may just not come very often this year. Adams is still great (no wr gets more consistently open), but I'm not sure the offense is going to let him return to the Top 8 type value his owners expected.
  6. Holy crap, the insane power just never stops, what a season.
  7. If it weren't for the AJ Green factor I would take Ross in a nanosecond, he looked like a pro bowler on Sunday. I think, for me, he was the most surprising player in the NFL this past week. But McLaurin probably has the easier path to consistent weekly targets ROS.
  8. I always make fun of my buddy who went to UW about how awful he has been in the NFL and I may have to eat crow on this one, he looked like a pro bowler out there. I know people are using the deep threat dart throw but there was alot of volume here with what looks like a pretty respectable route tree as well. I actually think this Cincy offense has a chance to be really good, this new coach may be a hit hire, he was calling up creative plays (for everyone) and really using Ross's speed in particular to get him open. I came away very impressed with Ross and the team in general.
  9. The Winston owner is the big threat, especially with the stack. But I wouldn't be shocked if someone else in your league with an unsexy qb (Goff, Rivers type) or had a guy really look bad (Big Ben, Mayfield) wouldn't consider also rolling the dice as there is a somewhat reasonable path to a top 5-8 season. I would say if you really want him go beyond what your original high number was.
  10. I may mix it up and just go all-in on McLaurin and Hollywood. I feel like I'm never winning a bid for a free agent back down the road in any leagues, so that doesn't matter. Feel like if I can hit on one of them as a solid WR3 or WR4 (2 flex league) it's a win, and if both it's a massive slam dunk.
  11. Part of it might be, but he is spot on in saying that this has the chance to torpedo someones team. If he is in a 3 way RBBC he isn't startable, that is just disgusting to have happen to your 3rd round pick. It's possible to completely whiff a top 3 pick and still get there, but you need to hit a homerun on the waiver wire like with Chubb and Boyd last year and/or kill the rest of the draft. Puts his owners up against the wall. Ya as someone who lives in Chicago and follows the team closely I am not drafting Bears players, I think they were all overvalued, by about a round. This was just a potential perfect storm disaster with the uncertainty of not only how the player adapts to the NFL but to Nagy himself. People fell for the coach-speak for the 2nd straight year ("We plan to get Jordan Howard heavily involved in the passing game"). But it's tough because sometimes the coach-speak comes true like with Carson in Seattle. But if Montgomery is in a 3-way RBBC than he really screwed over alot of peoples teams with the coach-speak this year that hinted at a large role.
  12. Umm. what? Jones out-touched Williams, he got 66% of GB RB touches. Montgomery got 7 of the 25 Bears touches. I fail to see how the situation is the same. Your once again confusing production and role, which aren't the same thing. Adams received 8 targets out of 30 attempts. That is higher than his target share last year. The team was up 75% of the game and they were playing the best defense in the NFL. Allison is likely to be a bum this year because GB is going to probably play alot of 2 TE as Tennessee did last year. Other than Montgomery no ones usage stock took a bigger hit last night.
  13. Why do people keep making terrible comparisons. First someone saying is Adams a bust because he didn't score, now this? Your example would make sense if he had a clear lead role but just had an unproductive game, like 18 touches for 51 total yards. Then your example would be correct. But people talking about a superstar fantasy player having a bad game (Adams) or a bum scoring a TD (Graham) as the same thing as a 3 man RBBC for a 3rd round pick? The Bears just had a 5 week training camp and pre-season and broke camp with a 3 man RBBC. That is a pretty huge deal.
  14. Gore was a great player in his prime, I didn't include his prime years in the plodder description. But right now he is no different than Mike Davis when it comes to fantasy. Just an obstacle to a more fantasy relevant player and a headache to owners.
  15. You think people are overreacting that the Bears broke camp with a 3 man RBBC? I don't know, I think the reaction is pretty fair considering he was a late 3rd round pick in most sharp drafts that happened within the last 10 days.