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  1. Go about what exactlty, you already did what you had to do. All you can do is explain to this friend of yours the rules and integriry of the game. He either accepts it like a normal adult would, and returns next year. Or doesnt.
  2. God damnit Del Rio ! .. your gonna speak it into existence. I seriously hope not. Honestly I feel like Conley will play out the season. Memphis is a solid organization, and with the trading away of Gasol , and how big that was for the franchise. Just the grit and grind culture, & loyalty to the fans, they won’t just shut him down. Just my opinion , maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.
  3. You win some ... you lose some. As long as the outcome , is income 😬
  4. ALL Aboard !! just hopped on the train . Dont you f**k me Gary , I believe !!
  5. Yup smart man , you always gotta maximize as many games as you can. And if your dropping you should drop now so you don't use an add drop next week. This is how you win playoffs honestly, well a big part of it. Because two games is too little. It's not like your getting two games from the Joker lets say. It's Isaac, and while he's a good player hes nothing crazy. And if he has a bad game, your totally screwed, thats like getting only 1 game out of him. He plays on Wed & Fri next week, thats a hella ugly schedule. Atleast if it was Monday you could get that 1 game from him then drop. And honestly you need to worry about winning this week, and youll cross that bridge if you make it past week 1 of playoffs. Keeping him on your squad will handcuff you and do more harm then good. Unless your league has like a weekly add drop limit of 1 or 2 , instead of the usual 4 , then that might be a little different.
  6. So how's Bog Bog looking for the stretch run ? Inpatient owner dropped him amidst playoffs, I'm thinking about scooping him up. Hes been pretty bad tho ever since Bagley got injured, you would think it's the opposite tho right.
  7. PTS : 1 REB: 1.2 AST: 1.5 ST: 2 BLK: 2 TO: -1
  8. No idea, Im wondering myself. It’s not like James Johnson has been seeing the floor.
  9. How do you like him for the stretch run, points league. You rather have him, Kelly Olynk or Justise Winslow ? Kinda looks like James Johnson is healthy but not playing at all. So theres been extra PT ever since JJ been out. Whiteside has been very up and down , which has been really good for Bam
  10. Perfect news, extra rest for him. Playoffs start next week, need him ready to go to battle with the Joker & Denver on Tuesday.
  11. Said it then , ill say it now. He shoudlv’e been dropped a long time ago. All hes done is basically sabotage your own team , sprinkled with a few good games here and there , to keep you on the train. And his big games have usually correlated with Kyrie or Morris, or someone else being injured. Hes in the worst possible scenario, coming off a major injury to a deep Celtics team, with some great talent at the guard and wing positions. Boston is aimed for a deep playoff push, Kyrie might bolt next year, it’s a win now situation. They dont have the luxury to slowly bring him along, and keep feeding him the rock so he gains his confidence back. Hayward needs the ball in his hands, especially now more then ever. Hes needs to drive , cut, play aggressive. You can’t just park him on the 3 pt line and expect him to drill those . Hes actually a good shooter, on and off ball, but you can forget him this year.
  12. crazy eyes is at it again My boy Bobbbbbyyy !!
  13. I agree with you broski , Pat is definitely putting up better numbers , just don't sleep on Shai is all I'm saying. I'm really high on the kid, just needs to be consistent is all. And I picked up Zubac as well, it's a clutch move. His fantasy arrow is rising straight up, and that playoff schedule tho