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  1. I picked up Gay for Zeller. Leaves me a bit thin at C but I'm sure I can make the switch back if Zeller does well, while Gay would likely be scooped up. Other notable FAs include Gibson, Nance, LaVert, M. Robinson, I. Thomas. Bogdan Bogdanovic
  2. I think FG% should be fine with Giannis, Ayton, Adams. Nothing great but should be around average. I would keep Hield > Lamb. More upside imo, but will liekly end up around similar rankings at end of year. I would also pickup Gay and drop Willy.
  3. I like Dame especially in a dynasty league. Love's best days are behind him and Hayward is comnig off a serious injury. Dame will be a stud for the next half-decade atleast. Help in return? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/726984-rate-my-team-9-cat-whir-100/
  4. Take Rondae. More of a known commodity. Keep an eye on Gay on the wire so you can quickly make the switch. Help in return?
  5. Hi guys, Had the second pick in a 10 team league (9 cat) and pretty happy with my team. Any thoughts or suggestions? Please link your topic and I will respond. Thanks! Round Pick Player 1 2 Anthony Davis 2 19 Paul George 3 22 Chris Paul 4 39 Tobias Harris 5 42 Otto Porter Jr. 6 59 Gary Harris 7 62 Steven Adams 8 79 Joe Ingles 9 82 Josh Richardson 10 99 Markelle Fultz 11 102 Buddy Hield 12 119 Darren Collison 13 122 Cody Zeller
  6. Hope he goes to Miami - he'll be the clearcut #1 option on offense and will have free reign
  7. Took him at pick 39 and expecting big things...hope he can sneak into the top 30 (and stay healthy)
  8. How you got Irving in the 3rd is beyond me. Solid team - I would drop Ibaka for Fultz. High upside with Fultz, and Ibaka likely coming off the bench (I expect OG to start with Val).
  9. Yes I agree he'll only be a good look in shallow leagues or if Adams has an injury.
  10. Low risk high reward. His game might be better suited coming off the bench - I don't think starting vs coming off the bench will impact his minutes too much (should see about 25-30 minutes). Might look to sell high once Bogdanovic nears a return though if Buddy is playing well.
  11. I would do it. Cov is way too inconsistent and Love is a injury/trade risk. Embiis is a huge injury risk as well but the upside is enormous.
  12. Keeping an eye on him but don't expect much...stocks are great but they'll need someone to spread the floor beside Adams (likely Patterson). I expect him to play ~15 mins a game backing up Adams.
  13. Had him last season and he's great, but I don't think his numbers will improve by a significant amount (hope I'm wrong). He was already a first option last year, and I can't see a huge leap in his numbers. I would expect something like 23/5/4 on ~2.5 threes.
  14. Worth a late round flier due to upside, but tamper expectations based on injury history
  15. I would do it. Getting a top-tier talent in Giannsi doesn't come cheap and I think you can find a good player on the wire (especially before the season starts)