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  1. Drop Chris Thompson???

    Probably kept him way too long. Oh well luckily I got Conner off waivers as soon as the draft was over. Had D Freeman but lost him and then Thompson got hurt so running back has been crazy this season for me.
  2. Drop Chris Thompson???

    Not sure yet who to grab I have last choice so the main guys will be taken. I have been last all season waivers reorder each week according to standings. May just wait and see who drops someone that they shouldn’t have dropped. Might get lucky.
  3. Drop Chris Thompson???

    He is in my IR slot but is not able to be kept there since he’s questionable. So I would have to drop either McGuire or Davis in order to keep him. I’m dropping him as I type. Thanks
  4. Drop Chris Thompson???

    Is he droppable? Any way he comes back and makes a significant contribution in PPR? Trying to get my lineup set for the playoffs and tired of thinking he is going to produce only to have him sit each week. My other RBs are Kamara, Conner, Drake, McGuire, and M. Davis.
  5. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    lol, I think I would quit FF right then and there if that were to happen.
  6. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    I need 4 pts combined from OBJ and Kittle in PPR. I think I'm good.
  7. Drake or Lamar Miller ROS? WHIR

    not sure you will get much for Drake after this week injured shoulder and all. I have him as well and hopefully its not anything serious that limits him the rest of the way. might be able to get someone like John Brown or MVS. Lamar Miller might get you a little more maybe on name recognition but hes been inconsistent this year.
  8. Drop MVS or Duke? WHIR!

    depends on the depth of your team and is this standard or PPR. I think I would have to lean more to dropping Duke if i had enough depth at RB. with a few players sidelined with injuries for GB I would think MVS gets some more usage.
  9. 10 team 1 pt PPR, Playoffs weeks 13-15, 10-0 after this week. Start 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex(RB,WR,TE) Team in signature but for mobile users here is my roster QB: Rivers RB: Kamara, Conner WR: Thielen, Beckham TE: Kittle FLEX: Adams Bench: JuJu, Gordon, Thompson, Drake, McGuire, M Davis, Doyle Not thrilled with my depth at RB so was thinking of trying to get another RB1 with one of my WR's or should I just stay put. Leave a link and will 100% help in return. Thanks
  10. Doyle or Heuerman for Playoffs?

    thanks, wasn't sure haven't watched seattle at all this season. just going on the strength of schedule numbers and TE's haven't done much against them.
  11. which one? Have Kittle and Doyle but worried about Kittle's week 13 and 15 against SEA. Heuerman is available to pick up.
  12. D. Adams or Beckham ROS.

    Thanks everyone the answers pretty much lined up with what I was thinking. Appreciate the help.
  13. Give D Cook/WR for Nuke?? whir

    go for it if they are willing. I think you can afford to give up Cook (you've gone this long without him) and Golladay and Nuk would definitely make a nice pairing with MT. Appreciate the help with mine.
  14. J. Richard or E. McGuire ROS?

    I agree with the above. I want to like Richard more but also not sure how Oak will perform for the rest of the season. they appeared to be in full tank mode the other night. McGuire should start getting more involved for the rest of the season but how much is the question. I have both rostered and have to decide who to drop to cover bye coming up. Depends on your team but I think I might take a risk and see how McGuire does.
  15. 10 team 1 pt PPR league team in signature. Looking to possibly trade away one of these for a RB1(to cover in case Bell actually shows up and plays). Just curious about everyone's thoughts on who will be better ROS. I am worried that with the horrible QB play the Giants have that it will limit ODBJ slightly as opposed to Adams. On the other side GB has a lot of mouths to feed at WR so that could limit Adams a little as well. both players floors are pretty stable ODBJ has a had a few games where he was held under double digit scoring whereas Adams has hit double digits every game. Thinking of trying to move either of these for McCaffery straight up, as the owner has Hill and then quite a few WR 3/4 type players. Had an offer of Adams for DJ but thought that was too much to pay for him. no other teams really need a WR enough to part with their RB1's. thanks and leave a link and whir.