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  1. the league is private, so we can't see anything
  2. 20 team dynasty league, currently rebuilding My team. Got offered this trade proposal. What do you think? I do lack a decent center. Got Hernangomez, Len and Zizic right now
  3. Huerter, think he will be in the starting spot for the rest of the season. Just before the injury of Prince, Bazemore's minutes were already limited.
  4. I'd keep Jokic and Cousins. I think Jokic and KAT are pretty even, but Cousins > Harris.
  5. Hi, If Silky still is available, I'm up for it. tom.delodder@gmail.com
  6. Hi, I might be up for it, but league seems to be private, so we can't see teams or league settings
  7. I would accept the Jokic trade. He's top 10, possibly top 5. Ayton won't go this high this season and Mitchell is strugling. Even without Bridges and Moore, I would take this trade, but you can always try to get something more out of it as seeL said Regarding Crabbe, I think Portis is more valuable. There are likely more valuable players available for you.
  8. Hi Any chance the draft could be scheduled between 3 and 5pm ET, since I live in Europe, and we have a 6 hour time difference :s